It's New Years for the world outside China! Dec. 28, 2014

Well this week we had a solid Christmas. We went over to the Lefler's home and it was a great time. They put together a Santa hat and some goodies in it for us! Then we had dinner and some other families came over too. It was a grand ole' time and brought the Christmas Spirit. It was a Christmas! After their place we stopped by the Church's flat (because we don't have a chapel) and we wished a Merry Christmas to the Filipina sisters in the branch and sang a couple of hymns with them. After that we spent the night walking around and looking for people to help out, give a candy cane, or wish a Merry Christmas. It was raining outside so not too much was out there. Elder Campbell needed to call home so we ended up home a little earlier that night. It was a great Christmas though. I am just super grateful for the members in the branch and the love and support they give us missionaries. They are great!
Also the Chan family in the Chinese branch that invited us over on Christmas Eve were the best. So great and made us all feel like gold. It was nice to practice the Chinese again as well! Their little daughter Cming won the award for the cutest little girl ever. She gave us all little presents and told us Merry Christmas. 

We went over to the Brother and Sister Cruz's home also on boxing day and it was awesome. Some of their kids were home and so it was a great, happy time. They still had the Filipino spirit of the holiday burning. It was so great listening to them all laugh and joke together. We shared the He is the Gift message and talked about why we love Christmas. It was great to hear everyone's reasons. 

This Sunday was fun, we were heading to class and the primary president, Sister Bentley, walks up to us and asks if we have something to do and if we can help. We told her of course and she smiled. We then went and taught the 9-11 year olds primary class and also the two youth in the branch. It was hilarious and very energetic. The lesson was on the priesthood. We acted out the First Vision of Joseph Smith, when he got the Aaronic  Priesthood, and the Melchizedek Priesthood. Then some kids shared about how Priesthood blessings have helped them or family members. 
It was pretty fun time.. the only thing is now I owe all the kids a treat. Looks like I'll be going to the clearance candy isle this week!
I am not sure what else to write. This was a fast week.
Elder Townsend
these are  Christmas
We are all wearing the ties the Chan's gave to us

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