It's May the 14th.

Hey there.
Well not much to write on because I called home just barely.
Let's see here. We drink a lot of soy milk. We eat a lot of noodles and rice. I love Hong Kong. 

So basically what I have learned for this week is that how important it is to always be thankful to the Lord, that He is truly mindful of us and is always listening to our simple prayers. So we had a rain week, which always seems to just be like a bummer because not really anyone wants to talk too much or as it seems. So we had been on our 3rd day or 4th day of rain and not having too much success. It was a bummer, but we kept our spirits up because, hey, i like doing this. Missionary work is hard but fun. So basically feeling good and all but then that day feeling a wee tired and man no one understood my Chinese so I was feeling man oh man. We had talked to a few people and they were like what? not too understanding me so of course my mind was like alright, you'll never learn this. You're the worst. You can't do it. So I was feeling maybe it was true, but I didn't want to think that way, I didn't want to feel that way. So what I did was think you know others had it worse, I have it pretty good too. I thought a lot on Christ those couple of minutes and then the song "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief" came into my head so I sang it in my head and hummed it a little. It really seemed to help me feel that something better was going to happen. 

So we continued on and we saw a man sitting down under a coverage on a curb. He had a couple of beer cans next to him and didn't look to happy.. So we went over to him and talked with him. We eventually sat down and talked about Heavenly Father being mindful of us and how important prayer was. He seemed like yeah yeah, so I hurried and shared a quick story that came to mind. Basically a week earlier we were talking to this one guy on the street and a ton of mosquitos came flying in and all around us and we really needed to talk with him and I definitely didn't want to be bitten. So of course I say a little prayer in my head that the mosquitos will not bite us and leave us alone. Well by the time we were done talking they had pretty much flown away and were gone and we didn't have any bites! Just a simple prayer answered. So after I shared that the guy was like, wow, He does really like us. I was like yeah, in fact He loves us. So we chatted more and prayed with him, he even said one too. It was a tender prayer. We got up and he said he understood mostly all my chinese and was very happy to talk to us and that we had really helped him out. He is super busy because he works everyday of the week and gets a day off every couple of weeks, but i hope to see him again. 
Then not too much later we met this awesome guy who loved America and acted so american aka did what he saw the people do at the restaurant that he works at. It was hilarious and made me laugh. Funny things. Then he gave me a hand-shake hug or a "bro hug" and left. He was great and made me laugh. 

I'm pretty thankful that Holy Spirit had comforted me when I was starting to have doubt in myself and reminded me that it wasn't in myself I needed to have faith, it was in the Lord. and that I must remember that when I fully forget of how I will say something or how I will do something, and focus on completely them, it works out. It is amazing the things that can happen. That simple prayers are answered. Even something as weird as a 20 year old guy praying to not being bitten by mosquitos and that they will leave them alone even gets answered. Sometimes I thought those simple things stopped being answered when I was child because I didn't know as much then, but I will forever be His child. I am so thankful for all of this. 
Each day is a good day, even when it rains because as Boyd K. Packer says "It's always good weather."
Hope ya'll enjoy the good weather.
Elder Townsend

Hey Oh

Hey there.
So this week was real quick but it was good. I just don't know what to write! also i am so not prepared to email this week so don't really expect anything.
We are out here in the island right now because my companion just recently had to get a VISA to head to the meih-gwok so he was on US turf today! haha I couldn't go in so I had to stay outside. Pretty wild being seperated from your companion for a little bit! haha but this email will be quick because we are just at a little place.

Well this week we spent a lot of time finding people to teach and share the good word with. Sometimes it is great just how the Lord works. As in, we had spent the week talking to many people to teach and everyday we struggled to reschedule people or get them to meet up again with us. We had set some goals and really wanted to get them. But as you know they just weren't happening. We really had been working hard. 

Well Sunday rolls around and all of our investigators had cancelled to come to church and we couldn't get really anyone to meet with us. I was disappointed in myself not being able to help someone come to church. We hadn't really had anyone come to church at all. But then as we were standing there greeting people in, a member of the other ward had walked up and brought his nephew to church! He is super rad. So we talked with him and holy cow did Heavenly Father arrange this out for him. He comes in to sit with us and then all of a sudden a member walks over who was a schoolmate with him! So he already had friends there! So cool. So we are going to see him this week. It sure is true, put forth the prayer, put forth the effort, and then God will provide. 

Just makes me always thankful, because if we just got what we always needed or wanted, how would we ever believe in God? It is always easier to see God's hand in our life in retrospect. It makes me curious, can I see it in the future. I believe that is why we make goals, is to plan ahead and plan with God's help. A lot of the time when we talk to people and they say that there life is good, we'll ask them what plans do they have in the future. Kind of ask them on how they will achieve it. It usually comes down to the fact is that you have to plan. most of the time, their plan isn't too focused and they admit that they would like it to be a little more fulfililng. So we challenge them. (I like this part because we get to be more  bold) and we challenge them to test to see if God will add to their lives. We testify of it and we allow them to think. I really like how the Spirit works. He works them and makes them think. The sad part is that most of them decide maybe later they'll try or they are too busy right now. so they don't take the challenge. But we always put it there. We always are trying to fight for them to win.

Alright my mind is way to scatter brained today. Just got one of those things where my head hurts.
This week we had a Mission Leadership Council with President Hawks and holy cow is he wise. He was talking a lot about consistency and how we can become better. He talked about in
Alright shoot I can't focus on writing right now.. I'll write next week. I have all my limbs. I have my nose. My  facial hair is growing on my chin.
Loves Elder townsend