Typhoon season is here!!! June 23,2013

It's raining lots right now. My pants are soaked! Gotta love the rain! We have had some windy days and also hot days as well. I am really hoping we get a crazy big typhoon like they did last year. That would be pretty gnarly and awesome.

We headed to 10,000 Buddhas and man there were a lot of them. Big gold statues and little gold ones too. Some had mustaches while the others were bald. Then there were the women ones that didnt look like the men ones. It was a cool place and then afterwards we went and took a stop at IKEA. that was cool too. haha 

One thing you will see a lot here is couples wearing matching T's or clothes. it's the best. haha that is some true companionship.
Also we encountered a crazy old pohpo (grandma lady) who loved dancing to her music and talking to us. She would like grab our arms and be like come look at this rice! (in front of a rice store). Then she would ask us if we had girlfriends and that we need to get married quick. She told my comp he should wait another year. And to call her up and get married now. It was pretty hard understanding her though.. 

Well one of the things I love here is Green bean soup and red bean soup. I laughed because Buster loves it too.  My first time trying it in his apartment I was a little like umm... but i love it now. Maybe because he always talked it up so when I ate it again I was like YEAH! so good! haha So we will be eating lots of that together one day. haha

Well this week was much like the others. Spent every second on the street praying for the Lord's guidance on where to go and who to talk to. We weren't really successful at all this week so that was a bummer. Hopefully this week will be better. Just gotta keep having faith!
 I decided to reread the Book of Mormon yesterday so I just finished it this morning. as I was pondering it, I thought of a few things. One of how it really is filled with truth. What else can we sit down to after a long day, say a prayer, and then be filled with answers. I love how in the end of 2 Nephi that Nephi talks about how this book is for us and how it will help us and then the Doctrine of Christ. I always get so sad at the end when Nephi gives his farewells. haha I always am like, can you write a little more? he is so awesome. No wonder the people kept naming the kings after him as Nephi.
 I love how when Nephi is like if the Lamb of God got baptized to fulfill all righteousness then why dont we?! He is the perfect one here and we need to be like Him.

We had a multi zone meeting and I met an Elder Martinez who his Bishop is my uncle Brad! I thought that was pretty awesome! Also he is so cool and we became friends. and at the zone conference.

 President Hawks taught us about how life is a process and even more that the mission is a process. That yes there may be miracles and Events, but it is the process that shapes us. Like Alma had "conversion story" when the angel came to him and the sons of Mosiah, but if you read Alma 5 he will tell you that through much fasting and prayer he came to the knowledge of the Lord. 
I guess sometimes I am so wanting the big event, i forget about the process. It is so important to remember that in our lives, that things will happn over a process.
Well I am real tuckered out and not feeling to hot today so sorry that the email wasn't the best. also I dont really know what else to say.. haha I hope all is well in life. Next week will be better.
Elder Townsend
1. Elder Falk and I
2. Old lady

Love and miss this kid!

Rain, Shine and Humidity June.16.2013

Well Hello.
So this week has been a good week once again. We had the Dragon Boat race! Yep, missed it. The other elders, natives, left the apartment and went finding at it, but they didnt tell us, so we ended up doing our studies. haha It was pretty crazy how many people were there though, I don't understand where all these people are in the day. They just seem to dissappear.

Well as we went finding this week I saw some motivational and facts shirts. Oh by the way animal T's are so cool here. Yep, I was Asian cool without knowing it. anyway my favorite two were "Very good believe in yourself. Yourself happy everyday. That's ok!" and also "Minnie is also known as Mickie's girlfriend." So basically, I now know it is ok to believe in myself and also that Mickie's girlfirend is Minnie!

This past week we spent the entire week finding and getting wet with rain! It has been raining a ton! We are just doing so much finding that I have waked through my shoes. Pretty neat I guess. haha We went to the Hong Kong history museum and it was really neat. It was cool to read about all the things of how Hong Kong grew and what not. Also with Buddhism. It is really interesting and how it's changed. We are going to visit a place called 10,000 Buddhas today! I am excited. 

Well the food.. Hmmm.. I guess if you want you can eat toad. There are a lot of cages at the markets and they are filled with toads. The gutting of the toads is intense. I watched it and was amazed haha. Those butchers are good with their knives skills. They even use throwing stars. yep. maybe that was a lie, not sure yet. 
Another thing is that they have hot dog on a stick here! haha What they do at the street vendors is put a hot dog on a stick and then put it in the ice. When you want it, you have a nice hot dog. haha almost like a popsicle. 

Alright this week was a goody and hardy. Our investigator just moved. His family moved to another area in Hong Kong so that was a bummer. He is so great, totally enjoyed the Book of Mormon and everything. 

As I was studying the talks from conference I really liked a few things. One of them is from the Prophet, President Monson. It was his Formula for Success. he shared that we 1. Search the scriptures with diligence. 2. Plan your life with purpose. 3 teach the truth with testimony. 4 Serve the Lord with love. I really enjoyed this because I am striving for success right now. What I really enjoyed was step 4. Serve the Lord with love. 
As I was studying about love, I was reading 1st John chapter 4. As I was read verse 4 I i thought it was intersesting how what is in us is greater than what is of the world. Now as I read on I read that God is love. so as I thought about it, if God is Love and what I try to have inside me is love, then therefore what is inside me is God and Christ and they are truly greater than the world because Christ overcame the world. 
As I read this I thought of Romans 8:18 about how the sufferings of this time are not worthy for the glory to be revealaed in us. I really liked that because if we live through our days on earth serving with love, and being filled with love. The day that glory is revealed in us, we will come to find it is Christ and God. And that is why they are familiar to us, because we will have lived with them out entire lives inside our heart. 

That is how we can become like them. Now as I have been trying to consistently serve with love, it has been hard at times. But it can also be easy because of the help I am getting. It has been very rewarding. This love has been helping me smile and always be happy. I love being able to have that constant help from Christ. Everyday I try to start my day with love, my day becomes great. It doesn't matter if the day didn't go to well because I know that maybe tomorrow there is someone who needs that love and needs to feel Christ's love. Whose love is always constant. Well I know that this Church is true.
I am also out of time. I hope that made sense. I dont reread my stuff today. haha
Elder Townsend
The painting is obviously my favorite because it is of me. see the comparison?

Still wishing for his whiskers to grow...

Hey Ohhh! June 9, 2013

Well last week was another week. haha thats is all i can think of. 

We have been doing a lot of finding. Just trying to find a new investigator to teach about this awesome gospel!

This coming will be pretty cool! This week is Dragon Boat Race! It is a tradition and holiday here. Basically it all started from a very loyal man to the King who was rejected by the king and he would not listen to him, so then the man jumped off a cliff into the water. The people didn't think this should have happened to him so they didnt want his body to be eaten by fishes. So they all threw in food into the water for the fish to eat instead. then they rowed around in dragon boats to scare the fish as well and to find him.
 Now the tradition is racing in dragon boats and they have these dumpling that are lots of rice and a meat all stuffed in a ball and steamed inside banana leaves. Pretty cool. The race is on the 13th. so thatll be cool to see as we are finding. the race is in our area! We have been able to see the teams practicing as well too. 

Well after lots of finding this week we had to good experiences. one was we found a man that was willing to sit down and talk to us. He really enjoyed our message because he had recently gotten over some addictions. He said that Jesus had helped him. At first he was hesitant because his Pastor told him we were evil and a cult. But as he listened he enjoyed our message. He liked it because he could feel the power of Christ like he had before. He then said you are not evil people. 

We have a problem of a  lot of "anti" material going around here. the book of mormon is called Moyimuhnging. It used to be momuhnging. and it doesnt help that if you dont read the correct character and people say the "Mo" word incorrectly, it can be interpreted as devil and then then the old way had muhn right after so it sounded like devils door. So we always have to explain that one out. 

Last night as we were out finding, we came upon a guy who said we didn't believe in Jesus Christ. So as we talked to him, we were able to bear testimony of Christ and talk more with him. After talking for awhile, he finally believed us that we believe in Christ. This was a very interesting and spiritual experience.
 As we focused on Christ, everything changed. I was praying that Heavenly Father would allow me to understand and also speak with power. I get nervous about that with the language. But as I was able to bear my testimony of our Savior, I lost all worries of the language. It didn't matter that I messed up and had to restart things, what mattered is that I knew Christ really lived and is my Savior.
I can testify that I do know that Christ lives. That he is my Redeemer and that we will always be there for us. No matter what situation we are ever in our life, He will come to us to bring us back. We truly are of His fold and He does know each and everyone of us. 
It gives me so much peace and strength everyday to know that He is going to help me. Makes the world a lot less lonely at times when you know that someone will be helping me. It doesn't matter that I can't see Him. I am just grateful that He is there. I truly can feel His presence and help..
Well I guess that is my letter for the week.
I hope all is well for everyone. If you're ever bored you can shoot me a letter if you want haha.
Elder Connor Townsend
Muh life in a pic

Happy!!! June 2, 2013

I chose my theme model thing of this week as Happy. Mainly because I just want to focus on being happy. When i am happy, the people stop. It could be because I am working better or just because they think i am crazy that i am happy sweating a lot in the hot sun. But i noticed as long as I remember to be happy even when it gets hard, things seem to work out. 

I also thought it would be cool if I met someone named Happy. Well guess what ? in the elevator, i met a pizza man named Happy!!!!!! Haha I know pretty wild. His name tag was even proof.

 Also - we had a My Conversion Story Fireside for all the missionaries that are going home. what they do is invite one of their converts and we go to the mission home in Kowloon Tong and they share their testimony. While we were there I met a guy named Happy as well. but then after hearing it again i found out it was Harry.. 

Elder Goodrich asked our convert, Roy to share his testimony. He is so great he shared on how the Lord knows us better than we do. On how we need to have faith that he will still help us. Roy also had a funny quote in class. The teacher said Roy, did you have to change things after baptism. He basically said "Yes, but I still sleep late. Sorry sister." hahaha He is so great. I love him.

 Basically we have done lots and lots of finding. and the lots of finding has allowed me to perfect saying hello, how are you, we are missionaries. what are you up to? Yep, i almost sound like i can speak the Chinese with those sayings now.. haha 

One of the biggest bummers is being "anti-ed" on the the street while talking to someone. When that happens I really feel like the war is on.  So makes me want to work hard. 

Well thats pretty much the week. We have just to do lots of finding and more finding. Lots and lots of work. We are teaching  a lady and her son engrish so hopefully we can help them like the gospel as well!

That’s my life. Love everyone so much. Love this gospel so much. Love rice too.
Elder Townsend