Sunshine Jan. 18, 2015

It has been great and there has been sunshine the past little while. Loving it.
Alright well I just feel as if I barely wrote a couple of days ago..
Life is going well. We are going to be having some great things happening. Sister Arlyn and Gabriel both have the baptismal goals of February 1st and are looking good for it! It is pretty exciting. We just need to pray the weather stays nice and warm for that day since our baptisms are outside! 
We were able to meet with Joel and Gabriel a couple of times this week and it was great. Gabriel is the funniest kid ever. My friends and I used to do this ridiculous faces for when we would laugh and act surprised. Well we were teaching Gabriel and he goes.."Hey, hey, I got a question. What is the difference between Satan and Set?" We answered him about Satan being the Devil while set is some egyptian god. Elder Campbell new about Set. Gabriel said "so he doesn't look like some armadillo face right? Ha it is so funny and weird I could show you a picture if you would like?" it was pretty funny. He is great at learning the gospel though. He really understands concepts and is very great at sharing them with us. 
We were able to do some service this week with Brother Bishop and his family. It was a great time and we were able to be able to do service. I love it so much.

Well I don't really know what to write about today, i wasn't too prepared.
One thing I really though was cool as when we were teaching Sister Arlyn, she was sharing about why she wants to be baptized. She was talking about how she has felt the Spirit, but not too many times. As she read the Book of Mormon, she learned that we don't always have big times of feeling the Spirit, but we must continue to act and do what is right. God will provide the way. One thing she really enjoys is the teachings of families in the Church. It is something she really desires for her kids and that it is one of the best ways she can provide for them. Most domestic helpers come to work in Hong Kong because work isn't great in the Philippines and it pays better to support your family. Being out here and supporting that way is pretty hard, but they do their best. I really like how Sister Arlyn is seeing how the gospel will help her family and know that God will be her support. It is so true though, God truly is our support and the support of those that we love and that will accept him. 
Alright I am out of time.
Elder Townsend

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