Hey there! Nov. 11, 2013

I am seriously terrible and knowing what to type as the email title things. I actually thought of one while I was walking here but obviously forgot it. I know pathetic, that is my mind thought as I thought of what to email...

Well this week was fast and hard. But it feels good to know we have a new week coming and a new week to fill with miracles. Sadly, we were unable to meet with our investigators this week.. 
One of them said he was pretty busy so he dropped our appointment. I sure hope nothing is happening to him, he is so awesome. We will have to move his baptismal date back a month or two more now because he still hasn't come to church. So we will continue to pray and allow God to help us know what to do. 
Even though our other investigator, Fiona, couldn't meet this week, all is well! Fiona has her baptismal interview this coming Sunday and will be baptized on the 24th! It is pretty cool. Her boyfriend is coming to Hong Kong to visit so he will be here for her baptism. So cool. 

Alright this week, we had this way awesome family cheng us out and bring investigators. Our companionship wasn't able to schedule either of ours, BUT the sisters brought their investigator who brought her husband and 4 kids! So it was rad. The member family was so awesome, they live at this nice place so they reserved this place where kids can play games and what not (like a little arcade thing that has a play area or like a fancy lil day care place) Then they helped the sisters teach a lesson.
 We helped the husband member set up and get some stuff ready. Basically I made tuna sandwiches with their two little boys 5 and 6 years old. They were hilarious and could speak good english!! #blessings. So we had an entertaining time helping them and then while waiting pretending to use super powers to kill each other. Dang, I miss playing with little kids. Imagination rules. haha 

Well I have to say one more thing, I sure do love how most people here are nice enough to deal with my chinese. It gets me curious how much they can understand. The other night, I was on the phone with a lady interested with english class and as I spoke to her she told me she couldn't understand and it sounded like I was saying weird english things.. haha "i don't understand enlgish..!" haha well I had sister Foong call her and she had a hard time understanding her so it made me feel better. But my language study is getting so much better now. haha motivation from the honest people. 
Geez, I am so happy to be a missionary. I am loving the life out here. Being able to see the Lord's hand in everything. Sometimes it's hard to see, but it is always there. Even though we weren't able to have any success this week, blessings came. One of them was our ward correlator giving us people to talk to, another was having the bishop come with us to a less- active members home (our bishop rules, super powerful) and then the last was I just got a text saying we got a member referral. Too rad.
Well that is all I have for this week. 
Soory this doesn't have anything much. Next week will be better. Also I am super scatter brained now.
Elder Sugar

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