Waih November 3,2013

Hey there you.
Well this last week went by fast again, so I will try to update you with the stuff that happened!
So such way awesome news!! Roy, our recent convert in Tai Po, got the Melchezidek Priesthood!! He is an elder now!! So rad. I gave him a call up the other night and he said he is doing awesome and told me about being ordained an elder. He wants to come visit my area and chapel sometime because the church's basketball court is very "leng" or beautiful/good-looking. haha love him. I am just so excited for him progressing in the gospel and being able to receive the blessings that come from the gospel.

Well this week we taught our investigator. He is awesome. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings and importance of the Atonement and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was a good lesson, since we have him scheduled for baptism we will need to work with him and commit and help him live the Word of Wisdom and other commandments. I believe with his faith, that he will easily be able to quit smoking and drinking for the gospel. His faith is incredible. He just knows, no matter what, Jesus can help him. He wants His help. As we taught the Atonement and repentance through an object lesson, he pointed out the importance of baptism. He pretty much said, if I want to use the Atonement, I better be baptized because I need to use the best and perfect way to get rid of my sins. It was incredible to see his desire. He also talks all the time about going to the Celestial Kingdom. Like he will say "so when I got to Celestial kingdom..." or "in the Celestial kingdom..." I love the desire and faith he has to follow our Savior. One of our biggest concerns right now is trying to help him to get to church. He is a hair cutter and he has his day off on Thursday so we can't get him there. So we are praying on figuring out how to help him go.

Well just another little Tender Mercy of the Lord happened again this week. As we had spent a lot of effort this week on trying to find our less active members, we weren't able to have really any success. It was sad, all we contacted denied us.Saturday night, as I was finishing up calling people who said they would again come to church, they wouldn't pick up or said they were to busy and couldn't come. I was bummed, we were going to have a sunday meeting without anyone with us. so that night I prayed real hard to Heavenly Father to help us out. I asked Him if we could just have one less active member come. That morning as we arrived to church and were waiting on the 1st floor to greet members (our building has 4 floors) I made some calls. and guess what! no one could come. Well as we stood there I was thinking "alright Heavenly Father please, please help us" and then all of a sudden walks a man through the gate and up the steps to the church. He was rocking a nice leather jacket, hat, gold chain cross necklace, and some rocker jeans. Well I went to greet him and he was awesome. He was a less active member who hadn't been to church in over 30 years. and today, he decided to come. He got baptized at 18 and went a couple of years, but then slowly dissappeared and moved away. He came to sacrament and sunday school with us and I think he had a good experience. One of the awesome members who knew him from a long time ago talked with him and got his number. So tonight we will call him up. But I was so happy. 

Heavenly Father is such a loving Father. He answered my little prayer. That's all there is to it. He listened and did work. The best part was He helped out His other son that needed help too. I am so grateful for this work and for the Holy Spirit. Giving us direction and thoughts in our lives that can lead us to the better and eventually home someday. Prayers sure are answered. 
Well that's all I got so..
Elder Townsend

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