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Hey there.
So this week was real quick but it was good. I just don't know what to write! also i am so not prepared to email this week so don't really expect anything.
We are out here in the island right now because my companion just recently had to get a VISA to head to the meih-gwok so he was on US turf today! haha I couldn't go in so I had to stay outside. Pretty wild being seperated from your companion for a little bit! haha but this email will be quick because we are just at a little place.

Well this week we spent a lot of time finding people to teach and share the good word with. Sometimes it is great just how the Lord works. As in, we had spent the week talking to many people to teach and everyday we struggled to reschedule people or get them to meet up again with us. We had set some goals and really wanted to get them. But as you know they just weren't happening. We really had been working hard. 

Well Sunday rolls around and all of our investigators had cancelled to come to church and we couldn't get really anyone to meet with us. I was disappointed in myself not being able to help someone come to church. We hadn't really had anyone come to church at all. But then as we were standing there greeting people in, a member of the other ward had walked up and brought his nephew to church! He is super rad. So we talked with him and holy cow did Heavenly Father arrange this out for him. He comes in to sit with us and then all of a sudden a member walks over who was a schoolmate with him! So he already had friends there! So cool. So we are going to see him this week. It sure is true, put forth the prayer, put forth the effort, and then God will provide. 

Just makes me always thankful, because if we just got what we always needed or wanted, how would we ever believe in God? It is always easier to see God's hand in our life in retrospect. It makes me curious, can I see it in the future. I believe that is why we make goals, is to plan ahead and plan with God's help. A lot of the time when we talk to people and they say that there life is good, we'll ask them what plans do they have in the future. Kind of ask them on how they will achieve it. It usually comes down to the fact is that you have to plan. most of the time, their plan isn't too focused and they admit that they would like it to be a little more fulfililng. So we challenge them. (I like this part because we get to be more  bold) and we challenge them to test to see if God will add to their lives. We testify of it and we allow them to think. I really like how the Spirit works. He works them and makes them think. The sad part is that most of them decide maybe later they'll try or they are too busy right now. so they don't take the challenge. But we always put it there. We always are trying to fight for them to win.

Alright my mind is way to scatter brained today. Just got one of those things where my head hurts.
This week we had a Mission Leadership Council with President Hawks and holy cow is he wise. He was talking a lot about consistency and how we can become better. He talked about in
Alright shoot I can't focus on writing right now.. I'll write next week. I have all my limbs. I have my nose. My  facial hair is growing on my chin.
Loves Elder townsend

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