hello 大家 October 12, 2014

Well this week was a good one. 
As missionaries, we do something called weekly planning. It is good, sometimes it is pretty hard to stay actively awake. For some reason, every time it starts, instant fatigue hits me. So this past thursday, elder woo and I were sitting down discussing our plans. Well I was getting tired and I decided to think with my eyes closed. Elder Woo was talking about some stuff and what not. After a a minute or two, I shouted out "Hello" scared me to death. What happened was I went in to a day dream and a guy was walking up to us so I tried to contact him and spoke out loud. That experience just showed me how focused I am as a missionary, skipping the planning.. haha just kidding.
alright Miracle!!!

Well fasts and prayers were answered! Guess who's parent said he can be baptized...! Jason!!!!! Yeah it was so amazing. So he went to talk to his parents the night after everyone in the zone had prayed for him. That night he went and talked to his parents. Well when he brought it up to them, they said sure. Yeah seriously nothing like before, hearts were softened!! Such a miracle. Since jason wants to get baptized by himself, he will be getting baptized on the 26th of this month!! It was so great. since our phone is our alarm, I heard it go off the night he asked his parents and it had characters on it in a text from him. I thought it said baptism three times but wasn't sure. Then we got a text from him and I recognized a couple characters and thought it said his parents were no problem. Well Elder Woo confirmed it that morning and we all had a little celebration. SO great.
 Also Jason attended all sessions of General Conference and really enjoyed it. He is great. The other cool thing was the night we were meeting with Jason to give him a baptismal form for his parents to sign, Bishop Wong was at the church. He heard about Jason and congratulated him. Bishop a few days before was talking about how is a miracle in ward council and then he said that another miracle had happened for him in being allowed. It was so cool because Bishop told Jason, "you know missionaries may leave and times will be hard, but the most important thing is that you have faith in Christ. Then you must always endure to the end. That is a very important part. But just so you know, I will always be here to support you." My heart felt so much strength and happiness then. It was so great to hear Bishop tell him that and just see the love he showed for him. Bishop Wong is the best bishop ever.

This Friday we decided to do a Book of Mormon find/pass out. It was so excellent. There is obviously is a lot of opposition here, so we decided to fight it with the Book of Mormon. We set up a banner and passed out and shared about the Book of Mormon. In about an hour and a half, we had given out 52 copies of the Book of Mormon! It was so cool, people would walk up "I hear your church is evil and has that book, I have been curious why.." We then would tell them here is proof it isn't and share about the Book of Mormon, they'd walk away with a copy. It was so cool, we had people walking up and asking if they could have and read a copy. Of course we gladly gave them and they would walk away looking at the book.
Right at the end, there was one book we couldn't give out. No one seemed to stop and take it. We had been giving them out so quickly and frequently, it was weird that it wouldn't go out. Then all of a sudden a man was right in front of me looking at the book. He said, I have always been very curious about this book and church. Why it has this book and why people will say it is the truth or why others will avoid it like it is deadly poison. Can I please read this? I have always wanted to read a copy." It was so cool because I just knew that the Spirit had placed us both in each others paths and kept this copy for him. I am praying that he will find the truth and feel of the power of the truth!

Wow General Conference was so powerful. Our investigator Barry was able to come to Saturday night session before work and enjoyed it. Then he decided he would also come sunday morning because he enjoyed it so much. The coolest part is that he only got an hour of sleep that night because he works night shifts, but because of how powerful and much he enjoyed it, he skipped sleep to watch it again!
Well i can't think too much again
Elder Townsend 
This is our hike to Tsing Shan, 2nd highest place in HK and 1st highest in the New Territories. This over looks my area and other missionaries areas. 

Elder Woo and I on top of the world

 Throwing on Elder Tam's glasses. 
Looks like Harry Potter kind. 
He is super MK (Mong Kok) type of Hong kong style!


Us with Jason!

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