What a week September 28, 2014

Well today is a special day, we can't go out for Preparation day today. Even out here in the New Territories. Nothing too big at all, but President Hawks wants us to be safe. Since this week is when HK went back to China, there are a lot of protests and riots going on. More than last year. But hey, no worries because they are mainly just college students that are doing this and lets be honest, they had to study A LOT to get here. Nothing condescending, just meaning that hopefully they won't go too crazy. There are some pretty big crowds, but we will be fine. Also in the New T's we don't see anything. Looking out the window looks like another average day. ha!

Well what food do I like. I like it all. Chinese food and other foods. There are a lot of middle eastern people and Indian people that live here in New T's as well so we get killer curry. All missionaries love this place called Tam Jai Sam Gor. It is noodles. The first time you have it, not too good. Second time, decent. Third time you are addicted and get it once a week. It is a pretty good spice too. Numbs you right up!

Jason is doing super great! He brought one of his friends to meet with us and was a super great missionary! He would be like, "hey talk about this!" and what not. He also went and grabbed a Book of Mormon for his friend. The best part was when he said, "read this book. It is true. It is the best. I know the church is true because of the Book of Mormon. I know it is the word of God." That was so powerful coming out of his mouth. His friend has interest and is going to meet with us again. Jason loves to talk about the church to his friends and his older sister when he see her. She lives in mainland so when she comes down, she wants to learn. Jason friend wanted to learn because they grew up together for a long time and he saw Jason get a lot more mature and he also wakes up early every morning to go to seminary. He was wondering why on earth he would do that so that is why he came. Jason is such an example. 

We met with Anderson this week. We taught with Brother Yu. Anderson we have had some cool experiences in the past with, so I was excited. we had a lesson plan to share with him, but I just felt like I wasn't too sure on it. Well when we sat down to meet with him, he shared some things and then Brother Yu started sharing about the Plan of Salvation and how God has arranged things for him. It was so powerful. Brother Yu is an amazing teacher and just teaches from his heart. It was just such a reminder and testimony to me that when we share the truths we feel in our heart, the Spirit enters and then that is when the Spirit teaches. 

We got a call this week as we were about to start dinner from a member. She said she had a friend who was sick and needed a blessing. She was wondering if she could have one even though she wasn't a member. We said of course as long as she had faith. We showed up and seeing the lady, my heart hurt a little. She has had cancer for the past almost 2 years. She had some surgeries and from the medicine and surgery her entire arm was swollen up to where she couldn't use it and also her legs were. So we shared with her about the priesthood and Jesus Christ and His atonement. Afterwards, we gave her a blessing. After the blessing, she sat back on her couch and kept saying.. "I believe, I believe, i believe.." I believe the Power and Love of God had touched her for the first time. She is doing better, having more strength. She said when she gets well enough, she will come to church. She prays every night as well too.
 I am thankful for the Lord supporting us in times of trials. I know He supports each and everyone. It is an amazing work that we are doing out here. I just pray that I can be where the Lords wants me to be and that I will always keep myself ready for His work. It is real and I know it is true.
Also all members are a missionary! We had this old grandma member bring a friend she made at an old folks home to church! He was like 90 something and was as deaf as an old man. haha I don't know a comparision. It was awesome, he was just smiling big most of the time. haha
Elder Townsend
I had one picture, but I forgot my attachment. Better luck next time.

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