Chinese New Year Feb.15, 2015

Well the best way to go out will be this way. We have Chinese New Year so I get to enjoy the last bit of the Hong Kong culture of this time of the year. Pretty cool how that all worked out. Also two days before I fly out, Elder Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve will speak to us missionaries with other General Authorities and then on the day before I fly out he will speak to all members of HK. It will be pretty rad, but the BEST part is.. I will be companions with Elder Falk for my last two days as a missionary!!! Woohoo!! It'll be a grand time and also the Senior Couple missionary in charge of the office and flights helped us out. She put Elder Falk and I sitting right next to each other for the flight home. Pretty cool. 
Well this last week was good, fast, and sick. Not sick as in cool, but as in I didn't step a foot outside on friday. I must have gotten some kind of food poisoning or bug. It was a bummer but I dropped a few pounds.. 
Well let me see here.. this week.

We had planned to visit Joel on a Thursday and see if our Branch Mission Leader, Brother Bentley (who is the coolest guy ever. I will miss him a ton.), wanted to come with us. Then we could start going over some "after baptism lessons" for Joel. Well he couldn't go on Thursday, but Wednesday would work. We were able to schedule that day and head over.
 On our way, Joel sent a text saying that he might be a little later than us because he had to go to the doctors office, wasn't feeling to well that day. When we got there we found out that he ended up having a staph infection. It was going up the leg and pretty serious. We talked about it and offered to give him a priesthood blessing which he gladly accepted. Brother Bentley was able to give him the blessing and it was very powerful. After a couple of days, his fever is gone and now is just resting up. I just thank God for arranging us to come over the night that he went to the doctor's and able to give him a blessing. 

I think that is one of the most powerful things I have learned over these past two years. God arranges everything to work out for the good of His children. It is so true that he is a part of our every day lives. That He prepares us and uses us. It is my prayer that I can live a life where He can trust me and that I live prepared to serve others and help them. Seeing the great strength it brings to others and how the Lord works makes me really desire to have that opportunity. Being in His work is great. There is a quote from President Ezra Taft Benson that says "who does God's work gets God's pay." I  really enjoy that and hope I can do His work to get  His pay. His blessings are great that He gives to me and others!

We spent some good time on the street this last week talking to some people. It has been interesting on how my view has changed since being out here in Dbay. Before, in Chinese work, we could teach street lessons almost every day if not every other. People seemed to be curious about us. Then I come here and well, I haven't taught a lesson on the street to a westerner yet. I have been able to talk to them for a little while and have great conversations, but not a lesson. It really taught me the importance of focusing on the individual. It was almost easy to just teach the same things each time. But here, it is a challenge (which i enjoy) to apply the message to these people. To always just bear testimony from the heart and do "real talk." Not all the time they have the time to listen, hardly ever, and not all the time they have the interest. But I have found that the name of Jesus Christ has power and when it is spoken in testimony, conviction, and love it will leave a feeling in the heart. for me and for others. I am so grateful for this missionary opportunity.
Alright sorry, I am in the Apple store and it is hard to type. Some people are yelling over some stuff so harder to focus.
I have one more preparation day next week so I will write more then. Until then, much love.
Elder Towsend

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