Woohoo! Feb. 8, 2015

Well this week was BEYOND fast. Where did it go? I do not know... It was a solid week though. I remember being happy and having a good time. It was a bummer because I got sick but I thought it may be allergies so I blew some money on allergy medicine and then I come to find out it is mainly the common Chinese cold. Aiya, only plain rice for this week.. haha 

Well for the first time on my mission I spoke on Sunday. It was great experience, I enjoyed it. Way more fun that we were asked the morning of rather than before because it definitely just makes the energy work in me and the Spirit help me know what I want to talk about. 
Ended up sharing about why I love the work of the Lord and how the Lord can ask us to His work. The theme of the talk was based on Mark 10:21
I talked about how the Lord will answer us on what more we can do. He is always progressing. The way we respond may be due to us having our own desired answers or just can't give something up. I talked about how this has applied and the ways I have reacted to it over the years. Then tied it in to the parable on the Lost Sheep. Ended with the fact that when the Lord responds to that young rich man, it says that he said it with love. The Lord will always answer and direct us with love. I love the fact that He always expects us to grow and progress. This gospel and the blessings it brings are so rich. Anyways, don't know how to explain what i talked on.

This week we met some people who were pretty nice and talked with us. I had been thinking a lot on how we can better help people and just serve them. These particular people all said the exact same thing which I thought was neat. They said "you know, you guys are good people. I really respect what you do and it helps me focus better when I know others are doing that. Keep working hard and staying positive. Each time I see that, it is nice. Keep going." It wasn't anything large or profound, but it helped me the reason of why we must do it all with love. 

President Hawks had asked us missionaries to write down and do one small and simple thing to greater feel the love of the Lord and the Holy Ghost in our lives. I thought of many things but realized it must be small and simple. I wrote down, "I will smile more with people. and give a high five when the opportunity is there." Wow, it has really helped. Just been feeling more energized and looking for kids that I can give high 5's to. It can be weird with the adults.. So when we talked to those people this week and mentioned that the happiness helps them, I was grateful for the goal and that Heavenly Father honored my small and simple goal. I had debated changing it because I thought it was lame and not profound, but I had decided to keep with it. I am glad I did.

I really love enjoying serving in this branch. One thing that I really enjoyed was a member had said something at church that really struck out to me even more. He said that rather than look to see the differences and how things can be better for one than another, we can help others and have the ability to bring more choices for them. More opportunities. I really enjoyed the thought of that, always being able to help others and help them have more choices in life, ones to help and support them. I truly believe that this Gospel and those who follow it find a greater peace in their life filled with many opportunities. It offers what is necessary. I love that. 
I can't think too much today.. sorry. 
Elder Townsend
This is an Family Home Evening that we had with some members in the branch. They are so awesome. 

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