How bout that rice???

I am here! I am here! and there are millions of Asians!!! haha I love them all!! And my eyes are just as squinty hahahaha
Well Hong Kong is the place to be. I love it. I don't understand a lick of Cantonese so I just smile and wave. Oh and say Leih houh, leih houh ma? haha Well I am currently in Tai Po! It is about two MTR stops from Mainland. Mellow part of the city. not so mellow. haha Well I will start from the beginning.

Once upon a time, I boarded a plane and waved goodbye to my grand ole America. Then, I landed in a hot, humid land in China. Upon landing, I immigrated here. Yep, I am finally an immigrant. Bucket list, check. Then we walked out some  doors to see the most loving, amazing people I have seen! President and Sister Hawks! Right when I saw there smiling faces I could feel their love. They are so awesome! President Hawks is so cool and same with sister Hawks. They are pretty funny! So then, due to the size of our group, the 4 new elders and Elder Denos (elder from Riverton!!!!!!) rode the MTR to the mission home. 
Yes, we started contacting. hahaha so insane, i don't know if i know Cantonese. Oh wait, I dont! haha then after we rolled up into patron housing at the mission home and slept with 3 guys from Thailand. They love us Americans and say we are so strong and hard as wood. hahaha the next day we got I.D's and then went finding at a park. 
Well while at the park, let's say I had a friend who's stomach started hurting and he lets say needed to "poop" So elder Denos with Elder Tyau and Falk went to a bathroom at the park. Elder Denos half jokingly said, "I hope they have toilets." This friend laughed not knowing what he was getting into. Well we walked in and then Denos started laughing so hard. no toilets. SO this is how it went. This friend had to grab the toilet paper at the entrance and then go to a stall and there was a flushable hole. So you pull down your pants, grab these metal bars on the side and lean back. Wow, what an experience. Best Poop in the world. hahahahahahahha I'll one day send a picture of the stall. well then the rest of the day I got drenched in rain and then fell asleep dead on the hardest be back in patron housing. 
The next morning we were assigned our trainers. My trainer is Elder Goodrich! He is the man! He is so hilarious and everyone thought we'd be together. He is also short, so that is good. haha Well we serve in TAI PO. We live on the 26th floor in the smallest apartment with 2 other elders. We are living in a little place with many things broken and having a good time! I was so lucky and somehow got the sisters old bed. Other words it is so comfy!!! I love it. By night time, i am dead asleep before lights out. I think the Lord charges us in our sleep because I always wake up wondering how I feel so energized. 
Well We have the coolest ward missionary in our ward. Jonny. He has the sickest style, tells great pick up lines in his limited English and is so happy, WISE, and helpful. He is like 26 i think. served in canada. Our ward has a lot of return missionaries so fellowshipping is great!!!! 
 This sunday was fast sunday! we watch conference this coming sunday. Well with that, I had the oppurtunity to bear my testimony. hahaha It was good experience. I got up there and said what I could, and then said the classic baby missionionry line, ngoh jidou lido fukyam hai jansahtge. I know this church is true. Well the ward members were great. they all told me welcome and a bunch of other stuff. Since I cant understand them I just smile say, 19, Utah, and thank you. They tell me my Cantonese is so good. Ha they tell anyone that. Well I am out of time! I love this gospel. It is true. Prayer is outstanding. It has helped me feel so much peace and joy here. Being completely alone is scary, but here, I know I am not alone. I have Christ with me. I can feel Him. This is such a great, hard opportunity. I hope America is doing good. LOve you ALl.

Love Elder Townsend
PS!!!! I was given the coolest Chinese name. It is Harbor Air Dragon. So it has a lot of meaning many members tell me I am like a dragon. :) dope.



Plane ride

View from their 26th floor apartment

Elder T and Elder Goodrich

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