The thunder is rolling and the suits are off!!


Well yes I am in week 2 and i am now fluent! fluent at saying mh hm mh hm. My trainer said that is a good technique to do. haha well This week was an adventure!
 First off, I love my companion! Elder Goodrich is the man! He is always keeping the mood up, always making this fun aka when we are teaching he does signs to let me know where we are at and what to share. Adjust the tie knot? I say 1st vision. Touch tie pin? I teach about Book of Mormon. and so on. Well Elder Goodrich is a wise man. He knows the good food and he also knows where to get the good deals. He is on his last seven weeks so he dies with me! One is born as the other dies. He is from North Ogden. 

Well the weather is so nice now!! The past week it has been raining non-stop and  the rain storms are insane! all the people are like scared of the rain so it is imposibble to find and they will cancel a lesson because it is raining. haha But now the sun is out and the humidity is up and the suit coats are off! Today we are going on a hike to "brides pool" with Elder Denos and Elder Falk! He is my homie from the mtc and elder denos is from home!

Well the work. All the work here is contacting, contacting, and you guess it, CONTACTING. All this contacting is done of the concrete streets. The reason why is you cant go in to apartment buildings and that is all there is. unless you're in the jungle and have little homes to knock on. Where I am is all skyscrapers and cities. I live in the concrete jungle or so i thought! Just on friday we were going to meet with former investigators. they are these 80 year old people. (i swear 80 is much younger here than America.) 
Well, as we adventured to their home, we found we were in the real jungle. I will send pictures. their home was this little concrete place. They had turtles because she didn't want to release them because someone might kill them. She had fish and then she had DOGS!!!! not just one or two either. a ton of them! I took a picture of this little adorable puppy.  Actually tonight we are going to their place tonight to cook dinner with them! so it'll be interesting! haha Hong Kong sure is amazing! Beautiful and a LOT OF PEOPLE. The best part is, practically no one speaks english. if they do they say, "my English no good la" haha

Well my ward is fantastic, they are always helping us and the fellowshipping is excellent. 

The food here is crazy. always noodles or rice. or mcdonalds. McD's is so cheap here and I think it is more asian than american because asians love it! haha But we had a soup that had pig skin, pig stomach, and it will have pig blood. pretty dope. haha

Well this week we had general conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh it was so good!!!! I loved it. They seemed to talk so much on obedience! That was so good. Missionary work really all depends on obedience. The Lord blesses those who are obedient. That doesn't mean just following the rules. Exact obedience is working for it, having faith in the Lord. I love the Stripling Warriors because of how great they were. the reason why was because they were exactly obedient. We can read that they were in the Book of Mormon. 
Since the prophet and apostles were talking about obedience and faith it made me really look at myself. Have I been trying to demostrate faith through my obedience? Well not knowing the language can be very frustrating and can try to shake my faith. 
Well this past week, I had made a deal with the Lord that I will try to talk to everyone i could and try my hardest. I told Him i didn't care anymore at looking like a fool, just as long as I continue doing this, he would bless and help me. Well it's been working!! and then to hear the messages at conference, I know that the Lord is truly going to help me.
 It is pretty amusing talking to people and being like "leih houh! Leih heui gon bindouh?? and so on." they always look at me like, who is this gwaailou?? (crazy white boy) But hey, if they listen, Im sure the spirit will touch them. I know that even though I can't speak to well the spirit can. 
So even though I am slaughtering the 1st vision, just them looking at the picture can speak to them on just the last line can."je sih ngoh dik ngoi ji, ting ta syut" "this is my beloved son, hear him"

 I know this gospel is true. I know it's true whereever it may spread throughout the world. Just as Christ said he has "other sheep not of this fold" I know he loves his "sheep" here in Hong Kong. Why? because the love i feel for them  testifies to me of Christ's love for them. Oh how great is He, willing to send me here to these people. I am so glad that I get to serve with him. 

Well I'm off to my hike and must leave!
remember that the fish is always swimming in the grocery store before you buy it. good luck my friends and family.
Loves always,
Elder Tohng.
Elder Goodrich, Elder T, Elder Denos and Elder Falk

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