Cold Showers! May 19, 2013

Yep, I like cold showers now. Yep, I never know how to start emails. Yep, I am enjoying the mission. Yep.
Well been a long time since I last wrote. haha But this is how it goes.

We went on a pretty rad hike! It took us to a point on a mountain that we had a good view of Tolo Harbour. Tolo Harbour is the place where my area is. The hike was super fun and so great to be in nature and just feel the peace of it. The best part of the hike is that is was sunny outside! Which meant is was beyond humid and hot. 

Yep, just like being in a shower. haha But that's why you drink Pocari Sweat. Keep you hydrated and sweating like Pocari? It is the best drink here. It tastes like white powerade but Asian version. I like it. hmmm, well the chicken feet are good, if they are cooked right. But its just like eating a thing with bones. The funniest thing is eating anything with bones. OR mainly watching people. You throw it all in your mouth and go to town. Then you take the bones out with your chopsticks and put them on the table. Pretty smart. haha Oh and this week we had a cheng out and the member kept giving me so much squid. It was like could I have some noodles with my squid? haha but it was good. Kind of fun looking at its tentacles.
Ahhh these past weeks have been hard. We have been non-stop finding. Walking the streets everyday and constantly being told No time! The days can be pretty long when no one is willing to stop. The worst is when I try speaking to someone and they don't understand me. The dang tones are such a pain. But its all good, it can also help stop the people because they are like what did that white guy just say?? Then I'm like i said How is your day? You ever seen missionaries? You like to eat rice? it works 60% of the time, every time.

We were able to baptize Roy!. This was very exciting especially because of his testimony he shared. He shared on how he had prayed to the Lord for the faith to follow the commandments and be baptized. On the morning of his baptism, he had been at work until 3:30 am. That morning he was super tired and thought about being baptized the next week after. Well, instead he knew the Lord wanted him to be baptized and that Satan did not. So he once again prayed for the faith and strength.

 I thought this was amazing especially because how much I am like my investigators. Everyday I am praying for strength and for the faith to carry on. I can truly testify that the Lord is willing to help whoever calls upon him. This week I focused on what it is in having a "broken heart and contrite spirit."  While in my studying i read on how we must sacrifice these to the Lord. I thought that was very interesting. I sometimes forget that we must always work on having humility. It is so very hard! now I understand why we must sacrifice. I can't go through my mission with pride, it won't work. So when I try to give up my pride to the Lord and sacrifice that, then He can truly teach me. I thought that was really cool. I also really liked how not only am I sacrificing for my Heavenly Father, but that he has sacrificed so much for me. He has given me so many blessings as well. I just am very thankful for the just and fair Father that we have in Heaven. He is so awesome.

 Ah like the other day we were out finding in this random mountain thing and all of a sudden this english chinese man appeared. He spoke both languages but could only read english. well I was going to give him a Restoration pamphlet, but i only carry chinese. Well I had the feeling to just check out my satchel (not a man purse) as I looked through all my chinese stuff, I found an english one!!! It was pretty great. I dont know when or if I put it in my bag, but I do know the Lord wanted him to have one! 
Alright, I am tired of typing. goodbye until next week.
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  1. I love reading your posts! They bring back so many fun memories of hearing the phrase Mouh Sighan! you will be a great missionary so long as you love the people. I have no idea if you know who I am, but your mom would send me letters 27 years ago when I was in Hong Kong and is still a dear friend. Have fun and no regrets, work hard every day!