Ni Hao May 26, 2013

Hello, hello!

Well its been another week!! This week was a new one! I got a new comp, his name is Elder O'Gara. From Washington and Idaho. He will one day either marry an Asian lady or a Ginger who likes extreme couponing. They will have 10 sons and then buy Vader Washington and take over and start his own colony. He is also a good cook and likes Karate. So transfers here are 9 weeks now. So I shouldn't have gotten a new comp yet, but with some things occuring, I did. I still see Elder Goodrich everyday, in fact he still sleeps on the bunk beneath me.
Well this Friday I had my 1st trip to Hong Kong Island! It is definitely the cd! so much busy. Lots of cars, people, pigeons, and rice. We went to Won Chai to the building. Which in fact is the church's second most expensive building that they own. neat. 

So i bet you are wondering why i would go there on a Friday. If you're not, alright.  I went there because an elderly man came to visit. Elder Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve came!! Yep he did. We got a big picture and then he spoke to us. He is actually quite hilarious. I laughed a lot and then he rocked us with the spirit. He is truly an apostle of the Lord. 
He first spoke regarding the passing of Sister Monson. He said President Monson will be sad but not have sorrow. "there is no sorrow for the righteous, for there only is sadness." 
Reminds me of the scripture that says something like the sting of death is taken away in Christ.

 He continued to teach on Christ and His Atonement. To fully understand the Atonement, we must use it though. Then we will become anchored on Christ. and we know when we are anchored upon Him, we will not fall for He is the rock we must stay on. 
He also shared on how it doesn't matter where you go in life, the only thing that matters is that you have a testimony of  Christ. He said some of the most important things to do is to believe  Christ, want to always believe in Christ, try to know all you can of Christ, and to love Christ.
 I really enjoyed that because I sometimes forget to remember Him always. When I am in trials, I will forget to rememeber my Savior. I have noticed that when things have been hard for me, when I try to think of how our Savior would react, things are more tolerable and even become good. I am just realizing that the only reason why trials become easier is because Christ really is helping us. 
There is a quote by a rabbi, Rabbi Black?, that my mum sent me that says something like "God forgives our failures and sees successes in us where no one else can, not even ourselves. So we must give the credit to God for harsh words not said and things not done." 
I know for a fact now that even when I try to act like my Savior, and think of Him, that is the reason why I can keep going. He truly is helping me. Ahh He is so amazing.

Alright well thats all i got for today. Oh I ate a really good hot dog here! yep thats pretty American! pretty much the only American food here is McD's and yeah. But the Island had the Hot Dog place. It was called HD1. yep pretty creative, hotdog 1. We also had a ward party for celebrating 30 years of Tai Po branch and now ward! It was funny and great to be there. They sure know how to have a good time! Lots of super random stuff like charades and then relays where you had to get stuff and then spirtual notes and food. 
Oh and here since it is humid and hot, when you pull a can out of the freezer it looks like snow. but dont put your tongue on it, itll freeze just like A Christmas Story. I made that mistakes. It was cool though.

Alright Love you all!
Elder Connor McInnes Townsend
1. I am getting close with nature
2. Poopy Pants!!! Everyone here has got a pair and so we threw on the pair for a pic we bought that p-day!

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