We got roaches!!! May 6, 2013

Hey ohh!
Well I have like 20 minutes to write an email, so I will hurry and get the good parts out.
 Oh and we got roaches.. :( they are a pain. Elder Chan is terrified of them haha so at night before bed he looks for them to kill them. haha

We are going to the temple today so pday is on wednesday and not monday this week. I am stoked and we have to email before temple and library just opended
This week was super rad. Last tue or wednesday, Elder Falk and I were companions for a day! Yep, fresh out of the MTC homies were companions! It was the funnest time with him. Spitting out cantonese like fire. maybe a baby dragon fire, but it was good! haha we actually taught some lessons and it was so great! Elder Falk is the sickest elder. Definitely one of the best days here!

I went on my 1st exchange as well! I went with Elder Brennan. He is an Aussie. Super awesome and a master at finding!! Yesterday with him was so rad because the miracle stream was on and we were swimming. hahaha nah, it was just awesome how when we are obedient to the Lord he provides! 

Just like it says (my scripts of week) in 1 Nephi 17:3 and D&C 100:4-7!  We were going around finding and then we left to go find a less active. While we left to go find a less active, we ran into a former investigator. She had lost contact and also the elders! It was great, we just sat down on a bench and taught her a lesson and had a great experience. 
Well while we were teaching her, the Less active member was walking by!! He stopped and talked to us and is going to come to church on sunday again and that we could meet with him! He was a super fly guy.Then while teaching the investigator, one of their other investigators walked by and chatted with us! It was pretty awesome.

 I was just thinking, what if we had decided to not be obedient and took longer at dinner, or if we decided we didn't want to go find a less active member?  We would have never of seen them! It is so awesome how the Lord truly provides. Yesterday was a great day!

 Man this week was pretty great! we did have a bummer of our investigator deciding not to be baptized . False doctrines are running like crazy. Hopefully one day he'll remember how much his Heavenly Father loves him. I also gave my 1st priesthood blessing in the Cantonese! I was pretty dang nervous because how was I supposed to do this! Then I just tried my hardest to have complete trust. It worked out! :)
Well about out of time so.... Pihng!
Elder Tohng

Elder Falk and I to MonkeyMountain

Got muh new shirt

Terrified of the monkey

Turtle boy

MTC homie Elder Falk

Evil Monkey!

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