Hey. so i just typed this email and it deleted on me and wasnt in drafts so it wont be as good as the last one because I just lost 24 minutes. darn. everyones loss i guess. haha

Anyways yeah, we had a typhoon. It didn't pick up until that night and since I live out here in Tai Po, it didn't get us that bad at all.Pretty much all night I heard rain and lots of wind. All the way up at our  26th floor room. 

Well I had alien or bug eggs in my arm. Yeah they planted. But don't worry I took care of it. I got my handy tweezers, hot needle, and alcohol to take care of it. They shouldn't be back anytime soon. And I also talked to Sister Hawks after the procedures and she gave me some ointment and good advice for me. One of them was next time not to do surgery... haha She is the best ever. 

So this week our ward had a party and it was a blast. We had people perform and do stand up comedy. Then Johnny the ward mission leader, had us missionaries on stage. He put a headphone in our ear and we had to try and sing the chinese song outloud and have the people guess it. It was fun and pretty funny as well. Like it wasn't too bad it reminded me of back home when I would speak and just use made up slurred words. like shleh maofin tushanad. But they eventually guessed them! 

My favorite was watching a few of the men standing around the table looking at the desserts before it started. Then while a sister cut some of the dessert thing, they would steal some  and sneakily eat it. too funny. Brother Lam, the one that always calls me elder Sugar, came over and told me about when he was a waiter and would always sneak food to eat. Too hilarious. Showed me the techniques and all. He is the funniest. 
Then yesterday, the bishop had us over with members for dinner. it was great. and I got to meet a guy that was with Buster in the MTC!!!

Food this week.. Well I love this noodle place called Tam Ji. My trainer elder Goodrich LOVED Tam Ji. And while i was with him, i wasnt used to the chinese stuff so I wasn't too into it. But now I love it. It can be pretty spicy where your lips go numb. So good. I sure do miss Elder Goodrich. He was a good man. Wouldn't mind sitting down to some Tam Ji with him. haha

Well finding is fun. Its pretty rad to talk to people. We will find in a chyun, like a square between apartmetns and stuff. We all do seperate finding to talk to all the lots of people, it makes it so we can contact lots more. Well I was able to stop this guy. We talked about his awersome shirt and then about life. I shared about how knowing of Christ and having his help has blessed my life. Then I talked about prayer. We went and sat down on a bench and I was able to pray with him. Afterwards I felt to share the 1st vision with him. Man the 1st vision is just filled with the spirit. after that we talked on how we all are similar to Joseph Smith and can receive answers. He thought that was cool. I shared about the Book of Mormon and he thought it was pretty rad too. It was cool being able to just share with him and laugh and talk and feel the spirit. I hope to see him soon again.

On last pday as we headed to the Mac store to email. we heared "Elder, elder!!" as we turned around we saw a Thai lady running to us. She said she needed our help. She had just gotten to Hong Kong with her daughter and friends and they were going to the Temple. But they were lost and didn't know how to get there. She said she had prayed for help and that seeing us was a miracle! We were able to send them the right way and help them there. 
Prayers sure do work. Sometimes its hard to do or hard to believe itll work, but it totally does. Why not pray? what do you have to lose, nothing. If pray didn't work then oh well. But if it does, then you have everything to gain. And it totally does. So cool.
Jesus Christ is the best.
Elder Townsend
pics with the group and the other wiht the bishop and his wife

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