I make dough but don't call me dough boy... August 25, 2013

Well this week was crazy and fast. Basically it was consumed with EEFY. Yeah its called english especially for youth. So basically we do stuff with the youth like play games and make stuff and speak english. The stake basically was in charge of it this year and we were to just to the teaching and what not.. you know, being the foreigners and all so the english is our mother tongue. 
They chose the theme as Stripling Warriors. So the first day was filled with wars. We played capture the flag and also a balloon fight. Capture the flag was hilarious because no one understood the rules and it was on our little basketball court so it ended up being hilarious.
 Then the next day we made food. The whole theme was to follow with exactness- such as recipes and what not. Well the hilarious thing is that they had put the young women in charge of bringing the supplies. Well some didn't show. So for instance, we made pizza. The cheese person never showed... haha so we had to run to a random store (cheese isnt too big here) and finally found some. The american cheese? the individual sliced plastic cheese? We call it fake cheese back home. haha Well  we got that and used it. And the dough also didn't cook so it was like we had stretchy mozeralla cheese. haha Anyways we also made tacos. Well the taco seasoning girl didn't show up either. haha so it was just a ball. We improvised really well. And lets be honest, none of the people here have ever tried a taco anyways so it was good. When we asked people if it was good, some kid said no. I asked him why? and he yells "taco hou syun!!!" which means it is very sour. Well its because this little genius taco was mainly sour cream hahahaha. too funny. 

Well this Friday at Engllish class we had a special visit. This lady, lets call her Polly, showed up  like an hour early and sat in the room and kinda napped. Well before english class, we talked to her and I came to recognize her. I meet here a few months back with Elder Goodrich. She hasn't come to church in long time. Kinda very interesting when we first met her. Well through English class she was good. Then at the end after the missionaries shared a spiritual note, she stood up saying she wanted to say something. She stood up and started telling us an experience she had. It started when she had cancer-a tumor. It needed to be removed. Well while she was very sick, she had an experience. and this is kind of how it goes translated and to simplified quick email writing. she said she saw a pillar of blue light, over her head. It was very bright and descended upon her. This light then surrounded her and lifted her up and took her away. She then was taken to a place that was very beautiful. While she was there, a man came to her to talk to her. guess who it was! yep. Jesus! He came and talked to her and said some stuff. Then she started going into weird stuff. Saying other people say she is crazy, but she knows she is not. By then, Elder Christensen was like "WOW. Isn't that amazing. Now i need you to stop talking. You could say the prayer for us, is that fine? We don't have time and people need to go." She then started saying more and he then told her She seriously needed to stop and say the prayer. But she said she was unworthy to pray. So someone else said it.
Awesome right?
well  that is what my life this week consisted of. Crazies and eefy. 

But we had an investigator at english class share a story. It was really awesome, he shared the first vision from what he had memorized. It was amazing. Joseph Smith's experience when God and Christ visited him is one of the most powerful things I feel that we can share out here. It truly is amazing. I know for a fact he did see God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I always love sharing that experience because I always feel the spirit burning inside from his experience. I know we get answers for our prayers too. Love this stuff. 
That's all I got. 
Elder Sugar
eefy days. I had to hit the cameras so that is why i am awkwardly in the front. I panicked and slid across the floor.


Ho Ka Hong...so awesome- helped me with everything. Moving to Utah for school and was taught by my MTC teacher Bro. Kruman

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