Thank you Apple Store!!! August 11, 2013


Well the reason there wasn't an email from me last week is that I write the email for the time I am on the computer and when I don't know what to write I write other people back while I think. Well as I go to start writing it again, a crazy lady comes up and says that I needed to get off the computer. It was her time. I asked the guy and he messed up scheduling me and I only had a half hour (1/2 of that was writing the president) on the computer so I didn't get to send off the letter. whoops. sorry. But hey its all good! I am at the Apple Store writing you a letter on this way cool, brand new, mac book pro. 

The reason why... is I got a new companion! wait, I mean two companions! Yep! I am with Elder Christensen (who I wanted to be comps with super bad because he is super darn cool, way funny, such a good missionary, and a ginger.) and Elder Christensen is training a new missionary by the name of Elder Crump, who just graduated! Nutso. so cool. Anyways I am pretty much just the guy that gets them water when they are thirsty and carry their bags. Its like what-ev.. haha Nah, I guess I am getting a new companion in like 3 weeks so I am definitely going to enjoy this while I can! It is so awesome.

So last week was pretty wild. We had a zone meeting and the zone leaders decided to ask me to "help." They had me stand on a chair and they put a couple farther away. It was resembling  how when you work to help people get to a goal such as baptism, you can't skip steps. you need to prepare and help set up a way for them. SO they asked me to try to get to the other chair. I wasn't sure, but they told me to. So i took the "leap of faith" and it resulted in me landing on the chair which slid on the wood floor making me land flat on my back. Pretty hilarious. I am a stunt man now.. Some of the missionaries got it on film so I will have proof one day.
Anyways my Recent-convert Roy blessed the sacrament today!! So legit. he is so darn awesome.

So since all the new missionaries came in this week, they usually go finding once before they go to their new areas. I was lucky and got to take a couple of the new elders finding. It was so darn fun. I realized how my cantonese isn't too bad! But I also found out it is terrible too. I was talking to a guy and eventually found out he was a member... haha I was like can we switch numbers since you are busy. and then I realized he was saying he was a member.. hahaha 

I was blessed with a tender mercy from the Lord big time this last week! Since it was the end of the month, I had no money on me. I had a 20 and that was it. I got mischarged on my octopus card (what you use for buses and train) so I had no money on that. Well we had an appointment at a members and it was far and we didn't want to be late. So we took a taxi and I had to pay. I gave the man my 20 to get $3.50 in change. Well after we left the members we had to take the bus home or we'd be super late. As we were walking up to the bus, I was thinking how I was going to pay for the bus. I knew I only had 3.50 in my pocket and that was it. the bus fare would cost like 4 something to get home.As I walked up I had the feeling to check my pocket. As I reached in and pulled out money, I had 5.50 in my pocket. I had no idea how, but I had enough money. This was a miracle, the Lord had supplied me with the money to go home. As we rode the bus home that night, I was truly amazed. This tender mercy is something I will remember my whole life.

He truly does care for us. I know He does. He helps me many times everyday. This time, I had proof of it in my hands. I will be honest, I had to fight back some tears because I was so grateful. But all I know, is when we do things for Him, He will do things for us. Whether it be we feel so happy for no reason that we just smile, or it be helping us have something we need. God is our Heavenly Father and is willing to bless us. Christ is our Savior and He puts smiles on our faces when we don't know if we can that day. 

I love being a missionary so much. and I am so happy to serve these people in Hong Kong. I struggled with knowing I could serve and love them when I first arrived. But now I know they just need the gospel so much more. 
Once again I am sorry I didn't get my email off last week, but the Apple store isn't kicking me out. so they are cool. the AC is really strong as well. I am cold. That's also all I really can write about. 
oh actually we had a blood drive at the church on Friday, so i got to promote for that and teach people after they donated blood. I totally can say that in Cantonese now too. Cool stuff.
Elder Townsend
pics: kool-aid and the new comps

Elder T, Elder Crump & Elder Christensen

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