Kickin' it in the streets October 27, 2013

Well this week has actually gone so fast, I didn't wake up thinking "it's p-day!" I actually woke up thinking, alright today is wednesday and what do we have planned. Didn't realize time would move fast.
Well this last week was good! 

Monday as we were finishing P-Day, we were in an area called Hung Hom. It has the best HK style waffle there. So my companion was getting one and I decided to talk to the shop owner guy next to it. He was selling lots of jade and other rock things. As we were talking, he shared how he learned to make it all and pretty much a little part of his life story. It was awesome he was such a cool guy. As we were talking, I was amazed by his work. I wanted to buy a necklace that is like usually jade and it a ring. Its like the peace ball thing (just look at the picture) but they were pretty expensive. I asked him if he had cheaper and he said (I hate quoting because I don't know how to translate..), hmmm oh wait yes, for you I do. you are my friend. And he grabbed one and he said only 1 dollar! and I refused but he persisted. Finally we settled an agreement on 1 dollar. He said money has not importance he doesn't want it all sitting with him when he is dead. He gave me some kind of one. I didn't feel too bad because it wasn't jade, but I thought it was so cool he gave me one. He is a good friend. We invited him to bring his grandchildren to church or english class so hopefully we will see him one day.

Oh we had another miracle. We went to go visit a less active member and while we were going up to the door of the place.... it was locked. So as we turned around to leave, a man walked up and opened it. we got in! look Heavenly Father needed us going up there. as we went up to the place, holy cow I felt just like super scared for some reason. Just like super weird. Warm and just heavy footsteps. So I said a little prayer and then just knocked. The door answered and the member had moved to mainland. But his son was there. We had a good chat and gave him a card and put him on our email system. He was way cool. Hopefully we can find a time to meet again. Definitely Heavenly Father needed us to talk to him.

Later this week we were able to meet with some more Less Active members. One was this incredible artist guy. He does calligraphy now. His house was filled with artwork of ancient china and was just elegant. so awesome. He said he will write a scripture for us in Chinese calligraphy! He was so awesome.

Also the other day when we were walking home one night, we took a different way. As we were going to cross the street, we heard a man yell elders! This one guy came up to us and asked for english book of mormon! We ran and grabbed one. We found out he was teaching in mainland and came for a new visa. While he has been here, his friend has been reading the Doctrine and Covenants with him because that is where she is. He feels so happy from the scriptures. and really wanted to read the Book of Mormon so while he was in HK he really wanted to see us. and... he did!!Definitely miracles.

alright this key board is sooooo sticky. but I am done.
sorry if  hard to read.
Elder Townsend
took elder goronson too the island real quick!
this is my awesome suit passed down from Elder Tyau to Elder Christensen to me!

The hand-me-down suit

Awesome friend Roy!

My friend Mr. Wong

Finding at old  awesome park

Bro. Foo birthday

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