Ni Hao Shwagga..

Not sure how to spell the pinyin for that last one there... for that title.. 
Well to start off, I am feeling pretty good because just two days ago while out finding Ackleemahhad from India came up to me and shook my hand and said "Sir, I am Achkleemahaad from India, I can see your future and you comings. Next month will be a very good month for you.. Where are you from?" I said, "Wow thanks! I am from the America." Then he looked at my forehead and said "I can see on your forehead really good success, please sit down with me for a couple of minutes so I can tell you of what to expect and yada yada yada.."
 Well then I got a little creeped out, pretty tough looking big guy. So I sat down and he prophesied to me. After 10 minutes I was out $200 HK. yeah....It is cool though, I am looking forward to next month now. 
Alright, well I didn't actually sit down with him. I was afraid he'd take my money so I told him we had a friend to me and we headed off. He kept looking back though, but I tried not to. I don't want to be like Lot's wife and turn to a pile of salt. (Check out the new New Years Mormon Message!!) But I am excited for what next month brings. Maybe just like a new awesome best friend who is ready to come unto Christ!!!! 

So to give you an idea of what HK is like imagine standing in a store and looking at a shelves with food. Then have a perfectly normal mother walk up to you, look at your tag (face about 1-2 feet away) and then touch the tag and say out loud YeSiu JiDu (Jesus Christ in Mandarin) then you say dwei, dwei (yes yes) and say what you can. then her look at you like why is he talking to me or did he hear me?? or they give you like thumbs up, show you their cross necklace and walk away. Yes I love it. Makes me smile so big. I guess mainly those are all the people from the Mainland so if we ever go there, that's what it'd be like. ahaha

Well This week was super cool. We were walking up and down a street talking to people and there was a husband and wife walking together holding hands (super rare) and I was like oh for sure going to talk to them and make them talk to us! So we walked up to them and talked, they said they were busy, and I said I know you are, but it's alright we can talk still. :) then we walk together and I start asking the husband some questions and then he said he had been to our temple in SLC many times! I was like whah!? and he starts speaking perfect american english. Yep, he grew up in SF. haha Then his wife spoke in an Australian accent. They were super cool. I was like you speak perfect English and listen to me speaking terrible cantonese?! they said it was alright and we had a good laugh. They were terrific. So awesome and just the nicest, humblest people. They attend another church, but talked with us. I shared how I love the blessings this gospel has for families and the knowledge of who we are. They agreed that this gospel has amazing things as well, they just enjoyed their church.

 Well After talking to them, the husband, was like "you know, i have a hard time calling you guys elders. I just like to call you brothers." I loved that, family everywhere. One big ole family. So we said goodbye and after talking to him, i felt on top of the world. And the best part was that he said he was Siu sing saang which is like the same as Mr. Smile! haha 

This sunday we were able to teach Sister Lam and it was awesome! She is so great, and she came to all 3 hours of church! Didn't have to leave early for work. We taught her about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, and Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end! She enjoyed it and when we talked about faith she told us about how so many things would work for the better for her when she had faith towards Jesus even though she still only knows a little. Then she shared how she loves that she can pray when she does wrong and able to receive frogivness for her sins. She is awesome. And she said the day she wants to and will get baptized is the Feb 22nd! So next month! I will admit I didn't even realize until that night that she had set the date for my birthday, It wasn't until I was writing it down I was like hey! look at that! haha She doesn't know it's my birthday either so Imma keep it on the down low and it'll be an awesome little birthday miracle. :)
welll I am tired of typing. 
Elder Townsend

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