Whoopie cushion...! Jan. 23, 2014

Yep, just remembered that. Whoopie cushions. Nailed it.
Alright well since it was temple day today, I am feeling super good! Life is solid.

So shoot, I don't remember this week and have nothing written down to write about so I will try to think of stuff. 
Ah! So something I have been doing lately that I really like doing is kind of an interesting thing. Sometimes I will be like, shoot, how do I always love the people I serve? Well I watched Elder Bednar's mormon messages about Light. and he shares about how when people do something good, it really isn't just human nature, but the Light of Christ in them. So as I walk around during the day, I like to look at how the Light of Christ is effecting people. It has shown me how good these people are here. It's nice to see it in myself and write that down, but I love it even better when I see it all around me. It makes loving and serving the people here so much more happier and easier. I love to see how Christ is out here. I feel that I see so much good around me that it's not hard to be happy
Oh shoot! This week of Sunday so rad. Yeah, there is this super less active well non-active member we have been working for the last month this and he came to church this Sunday!!!!! Super stoked. Why? Well because we have some super awesome members who were his friends back in the day and they came with us (all 6 of us) and shared and really emulated Christ. Super loving and happy. Well they did their magic and next thing you know we have this member at church feeling super happy again because he was back at church feeling the love. Ahh it was so cool. He also came to a FHE and that was solid. After praying lots, Heavenly Father answered. He sent the right people to help us.

One of the brothers that helped us, well it was a funny story how we got to know him better. So one day, Elder Goronson and I are out finding and we are waiting to cross street and there are 2 guys on the other side and one waves. Well as we cross and they do too, we have 5 secs to talk. One says he is a member of a different ward and that the friend (right next to him) is very less active. then he says in our ward! Then as they are almost across, he yells out his friends name Man Kit and I write it down. A day later, i was looking in the record list and see his name so I give him a call and he scheduled us and was like lets go eat rice, so I am stoked, this never happens. Well then the next day at English class and some members are at the church and one of them is helping us with our Less Active friend who we visit frequently and then Peter tells us he scheduled Man Kit to help us and I was like What!? You must be on the same boat, helping us with less actives! Then he is like noooo, he is super active, the ward clerk gamaah! And then said his last name brother. Then I realized we scheduled a member to go eat rice and planned a lesson and everything. We ate rice and had a good laugh explaining it. I am glad we made the mistake, he is such a rad member and super helpful. Just a tender mercy in disguise.
Well since it took me 30 minutes to get this dang computer started up and running, i am unfortunately out of time. Aso don't know what else to write.
Happy Almost Chinese new year!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Townsend
Elder Sugar
ps. I know that this gospel is the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST!
pps. I need to write my angel story next week. pretty fun.
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