Hello! Jan.9, 2013

Well this week was pretty cool!
So this week I went on exchanges with Elder Staheli! It was a good ole' time. He is a killer missionary and taught me some good things. We spent a lot of the time on the streets contacting people and we had some good success. His finding style kind of reminds me of my trainers Elder Goodrich. Just get right in front of them and have your hand out and just be super happy and loving! 
The best part of our time is that we taught a family on the street!!!! This was the first family lesson that I have ever had on the street. Our mission, and President Hawks really pushes for it, main focus is families. That is our priority. So as we have tried to talk to them, it's come out unsuccessful. But miracles are happening! This family was awesome, a mother that just had twins too! So we talked with them and had a good time, it was funny, we originally contacted the mother with the kids. As we talked to her, she said something about her husband being "over there" and he should come over and hold a kid. but he saw us, so he just played on his smart phone. So we would occasionally eye over at him and once we saw him look so we waved at him and then he had to come over! haha he was nice. We were able to talk them as a family and it felt great. They go to another church and at the end, liked the message, but said they are too busy.. But it's alright, I think they'll eventually come around! :) They actually live in Elder Staheli's area so he will keep in contact!

Well this week we taught A-Ming and it was great! So as we taught him, I brought up the tree of life vision in 1 Nephi 8 again and asked him about it. He really wants to hold to the iron rod. So I gave him the little iron rod like that I had that says hold to the rod on it! He liked it and put it on his keys. 
I asked him about smoking and about how it doesn't really allow us to fully hold on. (we gave him a priesthood blessing a few weeks before) Well this week when we asked him about it he said he quit! 100% quit!!! so awesome. Why? He said that God told him in his heart to quit! That he didn't want him to smoke. then after he said that he put his hands together, kind of bowed his head,and said in his English "Thank you Jesus!" Thank you!" I loved it. He has so much faith towards Jesus Christ it just builds me up! He always refers to Christ as Lord Jesus. I love how A-Ming fully allows his faith in Christ to guide him. We are going to be able to start meeting him at night now so we will finally be able to have a member come with us and fellowship for him. Help him see how he can even rely more on Christ and come to church. He is too afraid to quit his job because he needs money and can't not get it.

 I believe through his faith, that if he would come to church and sacrifice work on sunday, he would see miracles and Heavenly Father would help him. But that sure takes a lot of faith. To hear of people dropping their jobs for church amazes me. It sure does take incredible faith I believe. But I love how every time they bear testimony,they never regret it. They always are thankful for that experience. So amazing.
Well that's all I got this week.
Oh I guess a funny thing. How did my sacrament meeting go this Sunday? Well it consisted of it being conducted Cantonese and then speakers in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Yep we get diverse.
Elder Townsend
1. The metal door on the far right is the door to muh place.
2. some dancers. 

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