New Places! April 20,2014

Say what? Yep. I just got transferred. I am companions with Elder Jacob Chan. He is so rad, Loving being companions with him, it'll be a great transfer. From Hong Kong and studied in Canada and the Utah. 

We are out here in the New Territories in a place called Tuen Mun! Aka- the farthest place away from everything. I saw Mainland on our way to our area. It is pretty cool though I like it. We are zone leaders out here so that'll be interesting.

Elder Falk (in case you forgot my homie and we were in MTC together) was just out here and headed to my last zone to be a zone leader too, so I was so close to living with him! But it's cool, guess who I live with now? Jared Cordon! I don't know if ya'll remember but when I played American Football, at that time I played with the Cordon twins. They were tall and big and strong? haha yeah he is out here now and I am in his apartment. such a small world!

So just to not make you confused from last email our time schedule in this mission is 7am to 11pm. So 30 minutes pushed back. Also I moved to this awesome apartment. It is all the way on the 31st floor of a building. It is so rad. Love it. 
Alright honestly I don't really have much to write about. We are looking for some investigators and finding people to teach. This area is much different because I went from the busy city to a calm area. Basically this is kind of a city area in the New Territories but compared to my last area it is quiet and peaceful! A lot of people live all the way out here and then commute to the city and Hong Kong Island for work. Cheaper to live out here. 

Happy Easter!
This Easter I wore my tie that I wore last year. It is my special event tie. This year, honestly I forgot it was Easter. We were sitting down before church and then I was like oh shoot! Happy Easter! It was neat though. No distractions and just able to focus on the Savior that day. I liked it a lot. Just thinking of Him and not really thinking of anything else. It is incredible what He has and will do for us. I have read the book "Jesus the Christ" by James Talmage a few times now and also "Miracle of Forgiveness" by Spencer W. Kimball and it just really helps me put into a new perspective of Christ. Of how incredible and indescribable  His Atonement sacrifice is. I am so thankful to know that I am part of His complete, Restored Gospel and get to fully use the Atonement. Having it push me everyday to just do a little more. 

I love that video "Because of Him". We did a little street find thing where we had a tv outside of our chapel playing that video in Chinese and it was super cool. I couldn't read it all so I enjoyed watching it in English just barely. So amazing. I love being here on a mission, just in a way being away from the world and focusing on His work is just so amazing. Just allows me to see that He really is each individual's Savior.
I probably sound super cheesy, but I really do just love it. I am excited for this week!
I don't have much to say this week sorry, just moving in still.
Elder Townsend

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