April Showers April 6, 2014

Well we had a couple sunny days last week, or just one, but it was great. the booking was messed up today, so it will be real quick.

So I learned an important lesson last night. So as missionaries, we are supposed to shave each day (even if it takes you a week to grow a little bit of a mustache like me... hopefully later it'll grow) anyways I like to shave my beard at nights. So last night, to save me a couple of minutes I thought I would brush my teeth then shave, well it all came down to me thinking I could do both at the same time. So as I was brushing and shaving, I made a mistake. I went to shave my mustache and then whoop, there goes the side my nose. Totally nicked it real good. So now I have a cool scab. Who would have known that was a bad idea?

 We were able to teach a mother and her daughter! It was so great. She is worried about her son and wants to help him so we hooked her up with a For the Strength of the Youth. We testified and shared a lot on how the Lord strengthens families. She doesn't have much of a religious background because she is originally from Mainland. So we talked a lot about who God is to her and to her children. It was really neat. As we left, she held on to the pamphlet as if it was precious material to help her son with. I hope we can meet up with her again. I know this gospel will help their family so much!

This week during a rainstorm, we didn't have umbrellas (i dont like them anyway) and we were waiting to cross the street to return home and it was raining from the heavens on us. So as we stood there getting soaked, a lady came running up with an umbrella and protected us. She said she was proud we were such law abiding citizens we wouldn't cross the street on red. See, we have lots of good people here in Hong Kong :)

This week Vox shared her testimony at church! It was so powerful and profound. She continues to amaze me. She is preparing for a mission too! Anyway what she said just got me thinking more and how I can better serve the Lord. She testified about if we expect something good to come, we must work in order for it to. Such as if she wanted to have love in her home, she must show it first. I thought a lot about how this is the same with me. I need to do all that I can do now in order to find it around me. Love my companion, love the people I serve, and always remember to love Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. So I'm going to be focusing a lot on that as well. She then shared about how she felt God's love after she does this all and that it is so true. In fact, it is super cool because her dad will be coming to a ward activity this week! She is already a missionary! Actually she fellowships all the time too. Her testimony is powerful because she shares the truths she knows. She has much confidence in the Lord. Just an example for me. 

Well other than that, this week was quick. Just trying to do what we can do and help those around us. The weather will be better so I am stoked to do some more finding this week and preach the good word! Just searching for families and friends. 

Elder Ma and I are doing well. I love the guy. He has helped not only my Cantonese but me being a better missionary. I owe a lot to him and the Lord. I can admit, even though i still need to work, but my Cantonese has improved. He even told me a Chinese saying that goes translated as "when the sky falls down, use it as a blanket." so the other day we were talking to this college student and we were talking about how God will give us hope and knowledge of a brighter future. She then said to me have you heard of this Chinese saying which was like "more hope comes more disappointment?" and obviously I hadn't so i said nope. Then Elder Ma talked about how that isn't so with God and Christ. Then after him, i looked at her and was like have you heard this saying and then I said it. Then she was like ohhhhhh and elder ma was the same. haha got her to smile and then I testified how things happen to bring us closer to God. It just all depends on how we view the situation.

 Also the other day, i really felt the gift of tongues. I have been feeling words being put into my mouth so that I can say what I need. Just like I don't know how to describe, but something just great feeling. That I can almost express myself. I think it's working because as President Hawks and Elder Holland has said, "be careful what you pray for because you will get it." I have been praying for charity to the people. as I have prayed for that, I have opened myself up to the gift of tongues every once and awhile. Its true, the most important things as Christ has taught is Love God with all thine heart and love your neighbors. After that, things work out.

Elder Townsend
(dont have any pictures.. sorry been to busy.)

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