Greetings from Tuen Mun!!! April 27, 2014

Well this week went by super fast. All of our investigators have been busy or unavailable so we just been hitting the streets all week. The weather was super good to us for most of the week and the little rainstorm we had left after a little while. 
This area is awesome. I love it. Even though i love the city, it is a pretty neat area. It is still city like, but people are slowed down a little more. We have been blessed this past week to teach many street lessons with some people. 

Still working at finding families though. Not going to lie, they can be the most intimidating to contact, but they are the most precious as well. It is funny how it works, the best is the hardest. Obviously everyone else knows that, but I am still trying to remember it. Everyday is a new day and it makes it exciting.

My companion Elder Chan is the best. He is super good at talking to people and just a great guy. Street finding is great with him because we will stop someone and the conversation just flows so well. We talk a lot about God and baptism lately. We are trying to be better at using the Book of Mormon on the street as well. Just flipping to a verse and have them read it while we are standing at talking. I love the people out here. We just are really trying to focus on getting people rescheduled and getting them to church.
I really like the ward, it is a lot smaller than my last one, but it is good. So my last ward there was a member named Yu Man Kit and he is like my hero. I miss him. But he helped us out so much and helped me with teaching and chinese. Well I just moved into his older brother's ward! His older brother is the Elder's Quorum president so hopefully we can help him out. Pretty cool moving into his ward. He shared a powerful lesson. He talked about how we really need to serve others and really reach out to our fellow brothers. How we should notice if someone isn't there and then be calling them and letting them know that you missed them THEN help them get there the next week. To know that every single decision you make effects your future. That you need to choose now and choose right. If not, it will not end the way we would have wanted. It really got me thinking on am I really trying to fully serve people. Really putting them in my life where i think about them and strengthen them? It is so easy to pray for them, but so much harder to constantly serve them when I can. 

There was a member that gave this super powerful talk yesterday as well. She talked about service as well. She said that she notices service all around her. That amidst (whatever that word is) that she looks to serve people. We get caught up in the thought of is that when I am done with this busy stuff such as work, i will have personal time and then help people. That we live that we are too busy too much. I like how she was like I am busy but when I am going to work, i am not busy. I am travelling. There are people around me to help or people to call. That service is in the person who you stand two feet from. I liked that because I realized that while finding I should also be serving others in anyway possible. Even just smiling to the people across the way. So my new goal is to make sure I remember the person right in front of me.
We have a zone training coming up and had to choose some actions and goals. We as a  mission have been trying to be more bold and also work for our 65 baptisms in July. We have to step up and change the game. So while thinking of ideas, I had thought of Elder Holland speaking to HK and saying, "we will no longer flee, we will run no more, we will FIGHT!" Since he is pretty bold I figured he would be a good person to take advice from. So I thought about fighting. How this isn't a game out here, you can lose at games. This really is a battle and nope, you can't lose at those. So we decided on our zone action is to FIGHT. Find to baptize. Into the night (never stopping. last minute. last door or person.) Gotcha! (rescheduling and bringing them in) Hasten our work. Target, never take eyes off of it. 65 in july and our goals now. we will have faith, integrity, gratitude, hope and be tough! haha so even if you feel like its hard, it's cool, Christ will strengthen them. We have Angels with us! I truly believe that as well. I have felt the extra desire at times. And we will do as 1 Timothy 6:12. Fight the good fight of faith!
Pretty stoked for these next few months to come. 
I wrote and typed real fast because I didn't know what to say and watched the messages filmed on asia and HK. the Matthew Mok story has Sister Aguilar from my MTC group in it. That is actually filmed out here in the new t's!
I will write better next week. Sorry, just didn't know what to write this week.
Elder Townsend

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