Joe Sawn July 13, 2014

That's my best way of spelling Good Morning. Joe Sawn.
Well this week went by incredibly fast and I am really enjoying things that happened! This keyboard is super sticky so i'll see what I can write..

Alright, one of the best benefits of serving in such a small mission, you have the chance to run into members of the wards that you served in! So this Saturday we had what is called the "Peak Service" They haven't had once since '93 so it has been awhile. This is a little spiritual fireside type thing where we gather as a group of Saints at the Peak (highest point in HK)  and they share about the church. In July 14, 1949 was when Elder Matthew Cowley came and said a dedicatory prayer in HK for the missionary work. So they gather together to remember it. In a rock on the peak you can even see the rock where they etched in the date still to this day. 

Anyway since the church has grown, it wasn't approved by the government to meet there so we ended up going to Wan Chai building to meet. I was stoked for this to hear of the pioneerage and also to see some members that I miss! 
Well we got to Wan Chai and I got to see Yu Man Kit! He is my favorite person ever. He helped us out so much back in TST so I was so stoked to see him. The place was pretty busy so I got to see some other members from TST ward and I was so happy to see them. I was bummed because Vox was in mainland and I didn't get to see the other recent converts from TST, but they are doing well. I was just so happy to see Man Kit, so I will post the picture of us! Then as we were leaving, i noticed in front of us a member that we had helped out in Tai Po. She had been less active before. When I was talking to her she told me that she got her mission call and will be serving in the Temple Square mission!!! So awesome to hear about that.

Then yesterday at church, a member of TST came to Tuen Mun and I was talking to him. Brother Lau had also helped us out a lot. Well as I was talking to him he was telling me of this one less active member that we had visited many times together. He had real long hair and wasn't dressing/living up the best he could either. Well anyways we started to get him to church but he'd still show up in a hoodie and jeans. Well then Peter told me that he had kind of stopped coming again but he went to talk to him and got him back while I was gone. He said that this member had cut off all of his hair, took out his ear rings and started dressing up for church!!!! So awesome to hear.

Well we had a great lesson to start off the week. We met with an investigator Eric. I had only seen him once when I first got here. As we talked with him, you could just see the tiredness in him. He is going to school right now and also working. He is trying to get a better job and what not. also it is all in english so it is pretty hard for him. When he first got there, he had us help him out a little. I was like oh great, just came to get help for his college homework. So we helped him, but I knew he'd be willing to listen to a message.
 As I sat there looking at him, I kept praying to Heavenly Father just to help us know what to do for him. He looked so worn out and I just wanted him to be happy. Well we started our lesson and started to share some scriptures on things to help him out. But eventually, we sat there, praying to know what to do to really help him. Well since I will struggle with words a lot in the Chinese and I wanted to him to know the love that God was having me feel for him to help me let him know things will be better, I have found how useful it is to share scripture to speak for me. (which is always better in english or chinese anyways)  So I shared one of my favorite scriptures. 
We both started to share with him how the Book of Mormon really is that key to help us understand God and partake of Christ's gospel. As we started to bear testimony, the Spirit came to the lesson. It was really good as we had shared a lot on how the true help is trusting God that this book will inspire him. That it will give him hope. That the Book of Mormon will bring him closer to his Father in Heaven. It was really neat the love that was there as we shared how God has loved us and answered us. Afterwards, Eric accepted a Book of Mormon! This was awesome because he used to always say no thanks. He didn't want one. He said he could read it online and also that it would save the enviroment. those kind of things. But after we had shared testimony of the Book of Mormon, I believe he felt the Spirit and that the Spirit guided him to know of the help he could receive! just a miracle!

Jason is doing well as well. His mother won't let him be baptized until he is 19 so we are still just teaching him an d building his testimony. It is so awesome to see his faith to follow commandments. We teach him the Word of Wisdom, he asks a couple questions, then he goes alright, i guess i can just drink chocolate milk tonight.  So great. Also it was amazing because he prayed with us out loud this week! He won't because he is shy and is afraid. We talked with him a lot and shared about prayer and then he prayed! Also he then prayed in class on Sunday!!! So great.

Well I am tired out typing on this keyboard. We have a potluck this Saturday so it'll be good. When the 2nd counselor of the bishopric was announcing it he was stoked because he loved to have them at BYU Hawaii so I am stoked for it too. Jason is cooking food with the young men so that is pretty great. Hopefully his family could come!
Oh last thing. Best day of my life on wednesday. There is a Mongolian man that I think is the coolest. His name is Oil. He works at crossroads. Well anyways we were working with him and he bought us cream sodas and had him sit and drink them with him. I will explain how great he is one day. Just know, best thing ever.
Elder Townsend!

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