Where did June go?? June 30,2014

Wow, time has flown. I wrote that I was going to write friday, but with such a hectic week preparation day got changed back to monday, we still go to the temple friday though! This next week will fly by. My companion and I tonight are going to this big ole' fancy dinner with tons of leaders of schools and churches, and scouts of this area. It is put on by the Scouts and we'll see how it goes. We will be the only missionaries there with a member that is taking us! There is supposedly over 200 hundred people. So I spent my language study learning scout terms! haha

Alright, a little funny story of yesterday. While we wait for our church meetings to start we greet the members, there is another ward in our little building that meets 30 minutes before us. So there is a little gap between when people come. While we were sitting on the bench waiting for people, a sister from the other ward asked us to go to the bathroom and tell a little boy to come out and see what his old up was. When we walk in to the bathroom he was in the stall and talking to someone in there, but that guy was leaving. He opened up the stall door and we were like "are you ready to go? the teacher is waiting for you." He said he didn't want to leave and go to primary class. So we talked to him, he said he was 7 and 1/2 years old. We asked him if he was going to get baptized when he turned 8 and he said possibly. It was just funny because he had both arms up on the doors with his skinny pants and a little belly so he just looked like he was a model or something haha anyways we finally convince him to go get a drink of water with us, so he goes with us. The teacher walks over and grabs him to take him to class and he kept saying he didn't want to go because he doesn't like sitting with the girls. That was his hold up, he just didn't like those girls. Bummer. 

Well this week was good. We were able to teach an investigator who is totally in with the young men. They are all pretty good friends (all 3 of them now) and he went to an activity with them on saturday! Jason is pretty cool. He has a lot of interest in learning and a nice guy. He has family opposition so hopefully as we continue to teach him, the Lord will help his parents see the blessing of the gospel! Also we have this guy that comes to english class named Dick. He is the best man ever. Dick is always happy and just high on life. He loves his wife and loves to go traveling with her. He always is upbeat and makes my day. We taught him once before but he always is busy with work and taking his wife out to dinner. But they went to dinner early on friday, so Dick took us out for a drink afterwards so we could talk. We went and drank some gnarly chocolate drink that was interesting. We talked and then shared on how important this gospel is to his family. How it will allow him to be with his wife forever. It was a good chat and I pray he felt the Spirit to teach him the truth of that. Dick is really just the best guy ever. He always is laughing. 
Well that is all I got.
Elder Townsend
View from apartment window

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