Karaoke n' Potlucks July 20, 2014

Well this week was super quick mainly because my companion and I went on two exchanges with missionaries in our zone. So that was pretty tiring not sleeping in my bed.. ha! It was good though, we were able to get to know some fairly new members of our zone and also able to see what their strengths were and also how we could help them out. It is a great time to be out here in the New Territories. We are starting to see a lot more success and unity, so it is getting pretty exciting.

Oh and the typhoon? yeah it rained and winded but that is it. Hong Kong is pretty protected so nothing really ever comes from it.

This Saturday our ward had our first ward activity since I have been here so I was pretty stoked! We had potluck and karaoke night. It was hilarious and great. One of the young men leaders had lived out in Canada and he likes tacos. So the young men made tacos for the potluck! So good. They were toned down a lot, but they were pretty dang good. It has been awhile! 
The activity was a lot of fun though, everyone was happy, gathered around food and the karaoke was pretty funny. I guess our ward invested in a super legit karaoke machine. When we were there, I saw this brother using this touch screen machine thing that hooked up to a tv to play a video while you could search out other ones, and I thought wow, maybe that is his job or something; but then my companion told me it was the wards! So yeah, pretty cool you could say. It is always fun watching people karaoke.

Jason is doing pretty well. The young men leaders are so awesome here. They just want to build up their young men so much so they are always helping and what not. Jason hung out with them all Saturday making tacos and just chatting. He is doing a lot better as well. He is reading the scriptures and just learning everything. He was called on to pray in class again and did! Then our teacher was asking what we had learned last week and he answered and shared what fasting was and how it can bring us miracles. It is so cool to see how much he has grown in faith. He ended up being a little late for church because we called him that morning and asked him if he could dress up a little more nicer for church. Well it turns out he was going to be early this time but turned around, went home, through on a suit jacket and pants and came to church. Everyone was calling him "leng jai" "handsome boy" when he got there. I should have snagged a picture but didn't have my camera. 
Jason was reading in the Book of Mormon about Nephi having to have many attempts to get the plates from Laban. We had talked with him about that and how that may be how it is with him talking to his parents about baptism. He has talked to them, but they have said no. We bore testimony on how when we do things with the Spirit and being led by the Spirit is when it will work out. He said he would pray and have the Spirit help him as he spoke with his parents! He is so great, just wanting to be a better person. Seriously since we first met him to now, he is grown a lot. Just the way he talks and acts. So cool to see his faith in action.

Well that is all I really have for this week since that half of it was spent other places. I guess I just want to write on how grateful I am for the Savior and how much I love Him. Each day I learn on how I can love Him better and how He loves me. I am so grateful for Him in each part He supports me in my life. I sometimes just wish so bad I could just shake people here until they would get out of their busy lives and realize how amazing His love is. I know that He came to earth and that He lives. I may not now too much as those who have more wisdom, but I am so grateful for which I do know. Christ lives and He loves each of us. His Atonement is eternal and each time I see myself or another apply the Atonement in their lives, I just feel so happy. I feel full. That is one of the greatest things that I have come to know and continue to learn is about Jesus Christ is how He gives us such great purpose in our lives. I just don't know what to write except that I love Him. Sometimes I get asked what the hardest thing of being a missionary is. I believe is not seeing someone just understand how much Christ has done for them, that He has overcome the world. When I read those words in John 16:33 I can't help to smile with peace and just feel the power of those words. So amazing.
Well that is all I got for now.
Elder Townsend
This is a picture of us hitting up yam cha/ dim sum for Preparation day!
Basically you just eat tons of little snack foods/meats/stuff that is super good and probably not the best for you, but hey, we walk lots. 

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