Hello September 21, 2014

Well once again it is time to email. Holy Cow, time flies.
Well I am not too sure about what to write about today. Well if you want a cool fact, people use fans all the time. The women always carry them and the men put them into their pockets. But the other day (i've only seen a couple times) this one older man was walking around with a utility belt on and a  case spot thing for his fan. He was carrying a couple. Imagine a cop belt and rather than a gun and a night stick, put there a fan in both places. Pretty neat. Also with technology going up, people have their personal motorized fans that you can carry around or put on your desk at work. It is great.

Well this week was pretty great! We were able to meet up with B- twice! He is super great and spiritual. He is really wanting an answer from God. We a praying and working to help him get that. We were able to teach him twice this week and the lessons went well. He had some great questions   that involved with life after death and as well as the Atonement. 
B- is really smart and just seems to be a true seeker. It seems that he may have been told anti material before, but each time he asks us a question, we answer bodly, he says "alright", and continue on. He has got a special spirit about himself. I am excited to see him this week! 

We were able to meet with our long time friend D- this week! He usually will come to English class but he has been super busy with work that we haven't seen him in about 2 months. Well he came this Friday and he took us out for some rice afterwards. We caught up with him and talked about life. D- has always got a happy personality about him and just brings so much happiness to anyone that sees him. He is always smiling and treats everyone like they are number one. He is such an example. 
I just want him and his wife to accept the gospel so bad! I want them to have an eternal family and also just for D-. He would just have the reassurance that all will be good. He'd also be a great person in the ward! Being with D- the other day just made me so happy and so thankful for the people the Lord puts in my life. I hope I can always be as good to others as they are to me. I am so thankful for all. Last night i couldn't fall asleep because my heart was too happy. I was thinking of all the people who have influenced my life here in HK and back home. Family and friends, teachers and leaders. I am so grateful to the Lord.

Alright cool experience! So basically about 3 months ago, one monday night Elder Chan and I were out finding at a place called Shan King. While we were out, we walked passed a 20 year oldish girl and said hello. She did a sort of stop and double look at us, a little confused, and kept walking. Well we kept walking as well. When we walked a little, I looked back and she was down the way but looking back as well. well I walked a few more steps, had a feeling to talk to her, so we turned and started going. I wasn't quite sure what to say. It'd be awkward too walk back up and be like hey.. but we still went. While trying to catch up, we ran into a guy and talked to him for a little. I was wanting to talk to her, but he was there. We ended up talking and he left, not too interested. We go his number though. Well I thought maybe that is why I felt to turn around. Well as we contiued around this place, we saw her again at the light rail station waiting for a train so it was too late. It was bummer, but at least we tried. Now here is the story. This past monday night, I was with Elder Woo. We were walking and there was a 20year old girl in front of us and we said Hello. Right after that she said (in English) "you again!?" Not thinking much about the story before, I was like "yeah.. hello" She didn't know we spoke chinese so that confirmed we hadn't talked to her before. 
We ended up teaching and praying with her and having a great lesson and rescheduling a time to meet up. Well that night I remembered the story. So when I called the next night, I wanted to find out why she said "you again" Well come to find out, it was her. She told me that she saw us and was a little confused. When she saw us following her, she was thought "I wonder what they have to say?" Then we got stopped and she thought "oh, not for me." then when she saw us again, she was thinking we were going to come up to the station, but we didn't. So when she ran into us again, she was surprised. 

I fully believe God will put people in our paths if we pray for Him to. That night I was so thankful for God willing to hear my prayer and also to let me know this is His work. That I must do what He wants and follow His direction at all times.
It was a pretty great experience and allowed me to once again see the power of the Lord. I know this is His work. I love it. 
Well I am tired of typing, I like missionary work, but not so much typing.
Elder Townsend

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