Aiya November, 20,2014

I only got a couple of minutes because we live way far away and went to the temple today. There was a really neat Spirit there today and I cool feel it as I prayed. Very grateful for the temple.
This week was so fast I am not sure what to write. 

We had a really great speaker in sacrament meeting. He spoke on two things that I really enjoyed. He talked about himself being raised as an atheist and how he was to always question everything. He spoke on how later in his life he started to question Atheism. As these things occurred, he found evidences of God. Whether they be blessings to him or whatever they may be. Later though came to hard parts, having faith and trust in what he came to know. He said, you can't have the faith to see things because you can be deceived anyone can trick you, but there are times when that faith is so strong, you don't want to see. As he continued with that he shared that the principle and power of faith is something that brings us up. That not much can lift us up. 
I thought about how knowing about the Atonement of Jesus Christ does us no good unless we have faith in it. There is no power until God allows us to exercise our faith. Waiting for opportunities to exercise it just delays us of becoming a greater man. It is in the moment we choose to exercise our faith and give to the will of the Lord is when we will find blessings. He went on to talk about what do we give to the Lord that is the greatest. This man spoke of giving our will to the Lord. How much that can be for us. When we give our will to the Lord, we become His. We enable ourselves to have the glory that is designed within us. Whether it be those blessings from heaven now or the ones in the future. I have been thinking a lot about how and have I given my will to the Lord. This thought that I have been pondering a lot has been very helpful.
This week we were able to help some people out and meet some investigators and less active members. It was good. I am loving this branch. 
I am out of time. sorry. I just don't know what to write today.
Elder Townsend

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