Just a couple of days....November 23,2014

Well I guess I wasn't too informative last week which means I am supposed to write more today? Aiya, not sure what to write.
Well this past week/weekend was an interesting one. I didn't realize that it would seem so hard when I heard that Babsie had passed away. It really just hit hard for that day. Not sure how to describe. But then events happened and it just made it powerful. In fact, I just felt the power of having grandma Babsie here with me. That night we taught a lesson to a lady that we had helped move some stuff a couple days before. When she was asking questions, I just felt that I was truly able to bear my testimony. It helped me have a bigger perspective and really made me look and see where my faith was in towards God. Too many things kept taking place that just let me know that He takes care of us. I will always be grateful for Babsie and the cherished relationship that we do have. She really meant a lot to me and I am so grateful for her example. It was great because the next day we went to go meet with a Sister West from the branch who just moved here. She was sharing about her life and her experiences. She had such a great attitude and warmed our hearts. She reminded me of Babsie a whole lot so it was just a great time. 

Well this week we met a new guy, Douglas. He approached us and had some questions. We were able to schedule him and invite him to church. He ended up coming and had a great experience. He said that this branch just felt so much love. Which is true, Discovery Bay branch is the coolest, most loving branch. It is a huge family. After church we got to know him and share about what we do. We let him see that the main thing we can do it teach him the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help guide him in developing a relationship with God. He seemed interested in how to learn. Many years have gone by and God has never heard his prayers it what he had said. But he feels maybe this time, this opportunity, God will hear him. It was really neat because I felt that messages at Church were directed to him and us all very strongly. They were on of gratitude, the Lord being our Shepherd, and then on prayer.  He has seemed to have a very hard life so it will be an intense journey for him. I just believe and know that this Gospel will allow him to understand more and guide him. I am so grateful for faith.
Joel is doing very well. He is such a great example to us. He is demonstrating so much faith in the Lord through all that he has to go through. He originally started to learn the gospel so he could help his son on a path of religion. He told us, I have made my mind up about the gospel, I know it is true. His baptismal date is for December 14th!

Also this less-active member and her son Lila and Leo Siwa were able to come to church this Sunday! So exciting. She had requested Sunday off and knew that it was going to be a busy week, but she really wanted to attend church. They made it! Her son is hilarious and loves to learn the gospel. He is 9 and a character. He just wants to make sure to always do good. 
This weekend went well. I am just so grateful for the Lord and His love. He is love. Man, it sure just made me realize that I just need to show so much more to those that I come in contact with. Companion, roommate, elders, members, investigators, and everyone! Sometimes I think of how am I going to help this person or support them. It is probably a lame solution and much more out there found by the wise, but I just think "just love them." I have learned that love is expressed in so many ways. Seeing the way that the Lord spread that love to me this week helped me open my eyes. I hope that I can always help these people here in the wild world of Hong Kong can just feel good. feel loved. It is pretty good stuff! 
Sorry, but a lame letter. 
Elder Townsend

the pictures are a few weeks old. We went on a hike to a water fall and it ended up being a trickle. This is a picture of an FHE that we had with some members and investigators. Joel is the man next to me. the other picture is with David who is a less active from a long time ago.

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