Miracle Bay!! Nov. 2, 2014

That is what it is called after this week, Miracle Bay! 
This week was a pretty awesome. So my area is pretty cool. Being on this Island, we travel to all the towns that are built around it. They are these cool little beach towns like this place called Mui Wo. One of the other cool things is that when we go to teach Joel or go to HK island we take a ferry! It is so great to sit there on the water and travel somewhere. I love it. This letter will be quick though.
Well this week we had a cool experience happen. On thursday night we went to the Steimle's home and had dinner and shared a message and talked about the people they are working to help. Well they brought up a person named David. He had been baptized a long time ago and they had somehow met him and came to learn he was a member. Well David hadn't been to the church in a long time and has had some pretty hard things happen and is working to fix things. He had gotten back to HK and needed to get some help. Brother Steimle had been helping him and wanted us to meet him. David doesn't work right now so we were hoping that we could schedule him. We got his number and planned to call him that night. Well after their home, we headed to go and try and visit another less-active member and also see if we could meet with her and her husband. After visiting with her, we left to head home. While walking down the path, there were homes to our right. Outside of a little home that sold drinks and treats were two men sitting at a table having some beers. They said hello to us and we walked over to chat. Elder Young was saying hello to one of the guys and I with the other. The one guy I was talking to was pretty tan sitting there with a sailor hat on, some scruff on the face, and a vest on. He asked me how long I'd been out and I told him. In his british accent, he responsed "wow, almost done with two years" I said yes and asked how he knew we did two years. He responded "My name is David and I'm a mormon too" Wow, this was so exciting because we had just talked about him with the Steimle's! Right then the other friend asked if he could buy us a beer, we told him we didn't drink and offered to buy us an american drink of Coke! We sat down with them so we could talk more with David. It was great. He told us he'd attend church on Sunday and we'd see him there. Then this Sunday he walked into church with the Steimle's. It was so great. We'll hopefully see him this week! 
This has been a solid week filled with lots of teaching. Joel is doing really well and just a builder of my faith. He shares what he learns and it is so powerful. We are working with him so that he can prepare himself for baptism. His son is also doing well. We just need to teach him, but he seems to be doing well with the primary! I am needing to work on my Mandarin because that is all his wife speaks. My mandarin is so terrible! ha She really likes us, but doesn't have too much interest. Joel had watched 17 miracles and really enjoyed it. He said, I will never complain about me going to church! All i have to do is catch the ferry and then hop on a bus! Joel is so great. 
We also have this investigator who is pretty stubborn about what we teach and is using her Bible knowledge to understand. This is great, except she wasn't willing to read the Book of Mormon nor praying about it. After we taught her a couple of times, we made sure to bear testimony of the truthfulness of our message. The Spirit was really strong. Well she had sent us a text and had been reading the Book of Mormon. The funny part was that she asked if the candy we had given to her for Halloween had a spell in it! haha that is the power of the word of God!
It is going well. We are making sure we stay working hard and humble. I really enjoy talking to the people here. I was at first nervous of the thought of going proselyting and speaking in English but in fact it is really fun. We have talked to some really hilarious people. It is nice. It can be hard and a lot different from Chinese work though. Here, people have a Christian background while Chinese work not so much.

Elder Townsend

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