I am 18 going on 19...sing it!

Leih Houh!

Ngoh ngoi leihde! Practically fluent.  

WELL we have been practicing this week in the showers singing songs, so on this friday we can have a musical for my birthday. ahha

First off, shout out to ALL of my friends getting there mission calls!!!!! SO SICK!!! and I am so proud of all you. The mission is so awesome and I just barely started!!! In a fireside, Bro Littlefield (some cool guy) said "The Lord does not need caretakers of the work, He NEEDS builders of the kingdom." I thought that was so awesome that we are out here building the Kingdom.

Well this week has been a good one!! I for sure so DEF like the MTC more now.  We became friends. How bout the SuperBowl? Lakers won I hear.  So being here i lost track of time, and I feel like i have been here for about give or take 2 months. or longer. I can't really remember what Chick-Fil-A tastes like and yeah. haha
Well this week I had a great time. I definitely felt the spirit.  While we were teaching an investigator and I was sharing Joseph Smith's 1st vision I was overcome with the spirit. Even though I was saying it in Cantonese, it seem as clear as English to me.  Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. I know that he saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that day.  Joseph Smith is an amazing guy. Seriously the amount of pain and sufferings he endured for us to have pure joy and return to God.  I love when he said, "perhaps I am to swim in deep water. better deep than shallow."  Such an amazing guy. I cannot wait until the day i get to give him a great big hug and thank him.  
Well in our devotionals we heard some great things that I would like to share.
"take the risk"  We need to put ourselves out there. The Lord isn't looking for people to hold the gospel to themselves. He is EXPECTING us to share the gospel. he is wanting us to take the risk.
"we need to start beating the bushes." It's the Lord's time.  Let's not be part of the work, but do the work for the work. 
One thing that helped me was that i must believe I can be the Lord's instrument in order to be His instrument.
"We don't ask people to give up the good they have done, just that they do it with Christ and to do more."

Funny Moments.
Had everyone drink SPRILK. Sprite and Milk.
convincing a missionary i am going to ALbania. Because the British made them flee there.
singing in the showers.
out of time....
Love Elder Townsend,

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