What up real world.

Well I could have put something in Cantonese for the beginnning but I don't know any yet. The language is SO HARD. I cant even say my name correct. It's like Tohng (low high tone) Jueng Louh.  Tohng means like abrupt or rude and the Ming dynasty.  Yeah pretty cool i guess. not as cool as my tiger spirit who devours others like in chinese class. Well my life in here is cool i guess.  Gotta just keep swimming and staying positive.  The first two nights I was like "what in the heck am I doing here??" then i would lay in my bed. Pretty much my highlights. I've seen a ton of friends here which is SO REASSURING.  On thursday I was like super down after language class (spoken in all Cantonese) and i was like there is no way I can do this.  Well i'd been looking for George all two days and then right when i was gonna give up at dinner, he was there! he turned me around and gave me a hug.  DEFINITELY needed that! It made me feel sooo much better.  Obviously, the Lord is watching over me and wants to remind me that I have to continue on even when it gets so Hard and you feel alone. But when you reach that point He will be there, giving you a big hug and letting you know how much he loves you!!! (george just barely was in laundry room right now and gave me a hug as i was typing this. hahahahahahahahah) anyways, it's crazy being here and the life. The spirit is so dang strong and just keeps me moving. Knowing of the support I have is so great! Like on the first night, Megan Bertha wrote me a dear elder and sent me a card with pictures!!! She rules. Made me soooo much happier! Then I got uncle alan's package and one from Krissi! Love them.  
When I was reading in my scriptures the other day and i wasn't sure about the language I read ALMA 17:11 (i think) In this verse it talks about the Sons of Mosiah and how the Lord told them to be a good example of Him and he will make them instruments in His hands. SO i know as long as i keep an upbeat attitude and be an example of the Lord, He will make me one of His instruments. Reading  about Alma and the Sons of Mosiah strengthen me and give me so much hope.  Who knew you could feel so much love and happiness being away from what you love.  The Lord is amazing. The Holy Ghost is truly the comforter. I am thankful for that.
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Elder Townsend

Colton Ault, Connor and George Alexander

Tanner Johnson, Connor and Kyle Rutledge

Comp- Elder Lee

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