Good bye weeks...

These next few weeks are sad because this week we lose the Koreans, next week the other two Cantonese elders, and then the week after our Phillipines elders aka great friends.  Us Canto boys get to see friends come and go on our floor. haha
This week's letter is in honor of my Korean friends. They left this morning at 3 am so I'm bummed.  They were the best elders ever! So funny and soooo awesome.  They always my day better and made it so great to see them.  So goodbye to my good friends Elder Kil, Elder Cho, Elder Yang, Elder Park, and the rest of them. haha Last night when I was saying goodbye to the elders, Elder Kil had me write in his memory book! well after I got into bed and was laying there for a wee bit, i heard a knock and Elder Kil gave me a memory book (journal) and wrote in it! It was so awesome. We became pretty good friends in the short time we had.
I am now a 19 year old elder! Wahoo. haha My birthday was pretty good! Just a day in para para paradise. THANK YOU to my fam fam and friends that sent me a letter and also a package! Megan Bertha sent me some nice party hats and supplies so we had fun with that! haha We had a party in our residence that night and then the koreans came in singing bringing me presents! hahahaha aka food.  All in all it was a good birthday though. I definintely enjoyed my foursquare time.
Well this week has been a good one! Time starts to go sooo much faster the longer you're in here. I honestly feel like I've been in here so long. But i like it more and more. ESPECIALLY when we get to watch the Testaments on sunday. that film is hilarious. Love quoting it here.
Well on Saturday we had TRC. that is where we go and share a  message with real people that speak cantonese. Usually returned missionaries. Well this week we had a REAL investigator come! We were able to teach her and it was so so so great. the spirit was so dang strong. I was so nervous at first when we were told she was an investigator, but then i just prayed and had faith. when we walked in the spirt was like wham! I got you. So all my fear just left and it was awesome. We had so great devotionals this week. One was from Stephen B Allen. He shared on how "the Lord is expecting everything you got." he was so great and then he shared how yeah the mission will be hard, yeah we will have trials, but that is given. If we expect to do the Lord's work and wear Jesus's name on our tag, then we must expect to have hard trials as we teach just like Christ did.  You have to work to do work. and we need to work so hard. It's everything to work with our heart, might, mind, and strength. because we are "God's warriors." One thing I got out of another devotional is always to proceed with faith! just go forward. the Lord will always bless you if you work for it.  Also we cant excpect his help unless we work for his help. Just like D&C 9:7? how it says we cant just assume he will help us with just asking. or something of that nature.
if you havent, WATCH the mormon message.: MOUNTAINS TO CLIMB
If anyone loves me and the other elders, you should send us cereal so we can eat it on sundays :)
Elder Townsend

Elders and Coaches forever...

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Kenny and Connor

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