Last email from the MTC!!!

Well its here! My time is done, flight plans are here, and I LEAVE FOR HK!!!!!! so so so so so excited! We leave on monday at 4am! so this is my last p-day here. Pretty crazy. Just feeling on top of the world and since this sunday is Easter we have a general authority coming to speak to us so i am pretty stoked!! It'll be a great week, i am super excited. We fly from SLC to LA and then to HK. So pretty much I am going to practice writing the entire flight left-handed so when i get off the plane in Hong Kong i will be left-handed. Pretty much the best idea i've ever had. and also elder Falk and I are going to be planning out activities we can do on the plane. Hopefully there is a lot of room for activites! haha
Well This week wasn't anything to spectacular that I can think of.. Hmmm... I don't really even remember this week. All I remember is talking to Sister Fields. She works in the sisters alterations and elders emergencies. she is this old, fantastic volunteer that we love. SO hilarious. Calls us funny old names. Teaches us fancy sewing tricks and makes fun of whatever alteration we need. so Hilarious.
We had this devotional and it was on the spirit. One of my favorite parts was when the speaker asked us when was the 1st time we felt the spirit. As I was thinking back, I was able to remember an experience. After I had thought of that experience of when I was around 10-11 I was overcome with the spirit once again. It made me think of why would I ever not want to have the spirit with me constantly. Especially being a missionary, this is the time I need it most because right now is when I am doing the Lord's work. our speaker shared "sometimes words will fail you but feelings won't." It made me think that if I feel the Love that Christ has for every individual, then my feelings will speak to them. They will be able to feel Christ's love and the love from the Holy Ghost. When that is communicating to an individual that is what will bring them closer to our Heavenly Father. It doesn't matter if the person is very close to God or does not have beliefs in Him because when I excercise Christ's love for them and they can feel that, I know that I am doing my part. I hope and pray everyday that eventually in my mission I will be able to accomplish that. 
As I am about to leave for HK i am so nervous about the language. So i try to do my best and feel like I am far from perfect. a quote my branch president said that I love is "perfect is the enemy of good. We try to hard to be perfect that we forget to be good." I loved that because it is much important to be a good person. One day we will be able to be perfect, but for now I am glad that I can just be good.
Well I discovered i can beat box. Supposedly sister Moody is sending home the video so if her dad puts it on FB check it out.hahahah aka I just made a preview video. There is an elder here that is super good at beat boxing so i showed his skills to the canto districts.  We got new matteresses and were able to jump on those. So awesome. Woodburn got a electronic face shaver, uses it all the time. So lucky.
Time to go get some haircuts.
elder biggie townsend.

Life is good when you are a "coach"...Elder Coach

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