Two weeks!

What up!?
Well, you guess it! 14 days left here!! I am so excited. It is about time we will be able to leave the MTC. MTC is great, but I am definitely ready for Hong Kong. I am excited to actually see the place we always talk about. We get travel plans on either Thursday or Friday and we host this wednesday!!!! So if you know of anyone that comes in to the MTC on wednesday, Dearelder me and I will try to host them!!
This week went off like a frog in a sock. Well kind of. Just super fast. We got new missionaries in our zone/hall mates. Nothing like the old ones, but there are still good guys! Elder Muir is teaching us Australian sayings such as the frog one. haha Elder Lee was sick this weekend so on Saturday we got to walk off campus to the BYU health clinic.  That's pretty much the biggest amount of excitement we recieved. And also writing nice thank you notes to the lunch people on napkins and sending them down the line of trays. I like to write to them. This friday, I thanked them for making good cookies now. The cookies are tasting much better. and I always sign the LOVE ALWAYS, The CANTO BOYS. We pretty much love calling ourselves the canto boys. Oh I got a nice watch tan line as well. That's what you get for language study outside! The weather has been fantastic. 
Since life in here is very monotonous, I have no idea what to write about... I can't remember what I did this week so I don't know what to share. I guess I want to share about the temple! We go to the temple on our P-days at 6 am so sometimes that is not the best for me.  I occasionally doze off a little in sessions and then I don't get to feel all the spirit. Sometimes I just want to sleep in and dont want to go. But when I stop thinking of myself and think that the Lord is helping me everyday, I might as well go help someone else be able to have my blessings and show the Lord that I am thankful for what he does. So today at the temple, I went with the goal not to fall asleep. So I prayed for help and then I did my best not to fall asleep. Well... I stayed awake the whole time! It was great. Not because I stayed awake, but because I know the Lord helped me accomplish my goal because this time I included him. Just like how Nephi did when he was to retrieve the brass plates. the first two times, Nephi and his brothers tried retrieving them their way. But both times they failed. It wasnt until they included the Lord they succeeded. just as it says in 1 Nephi 4 i believe. When I was at the temple, I was able to feel the best spirit. When it ended I was just walking around smiling because I was so happy. It's nice to feel happy here at the MTC. hahaha I just love being able to go to the temple and feel the sweet spirit there. It truly is a place that you can just sit and feel the Lord's love with you. Sometimes I think, "i should have been better at temple attendance, I sure did blow it." well even though I should have done that, the past is past. Now I just have to make sure I take full advantage of it now and as I continue on throughout my lilfe. I just think if anyone hasn't gone in awhile just pray to the Lord to let you feel of the peace of being at His home and the blessings that come from attending it. Then Go to the temple and enjoy it.
Well I love you all and hope you all are doing great! If you want to write me while I am still in the US i would recommend doing it sometime this next week! haha
Love Always,
Elder Connor McInnes Townsend
or as others say (Falk), Elder Dailouh.
or as others say, Tohng Jueng Louh

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