Half way done with the MTC!!!

Dim a!?

Well I am over half way done living here in this beautiful place known as MTC!!! So happy to get to Hong Kong soon! This week has sure been an eventful one. the event consists of Elder Pincock (pihng jeung louh) and Elder Brown (bo jeung louh) left to Hong Kong this morning at 4 am! Pihng jueng louh is enjoying McDonalds for us right now.  I am going to miss those two so much! they are such great guys and stoked to see them in a month hopefully! They were the last set of Cantonese missionaries on the 12 week program. 

Elder Ballard came and visited us this past Tuesday!! It was great, he gave a great talk.  He spoke on Missionary work and how the Lord trusts us and sees us as miracles.  He spoke on doing our best as well.  That we should "capture the vision of what you have to offer the world" I really enjoyed that because when I think of what I can offer the people of Hong Kong, it motivates me to work very hard. On our hard days, we need to allow the Savior's love to carry us through. He has already experienced what we are going through and knows how to help us. I can truly testify that Christ knows how to help us in all ways.  It can be through the Holy Spirit, through scriptures, or through other people. However it is, He will always help you if you allow Him into your heart.  Elder Ballard shared a very sweet spirited message that just gave hope. He said that the greatest missionaries are "those who know Jesus the Christ and know the power of the Atonement."  If I are wearing Jesus Christ's name on myself everyday and I am representing Him, I believe I must know Him personally and not through books. The best way of walking with Christ is by allowing Him to show His love for me.  He is always there, He is just waiting for us to allow Him to be there for us. The way we can allow is to open our hearts to the Lord in prayer.  Actually speaking to the Lord rather that just running a routine.  I can tell you that since I have been on my mission, I wish I would have prayed more honestly and openly to the Lord. Feeling the blessings, miracles, and His love so much more now lets me know I could have had so much more before.  I had felt His love a lot and also had blessing before, but when we pray with pure intent and full of faith, the blessings are amazing.

I love a  quote by Joseph Smith that goes "when the Lord commands it, DO IT."  First off, Nike totally ripped off Joseph Smith.  Second, when we do what the Lord commands, we actually allow Him to help us and bless us. He promises us to bless us if we keep His commandments. So even though some may be hard to keep, just think that you won't be alone at trying to keep them. The Lord will help you.

This week has been pretty good all in all though. Just trying to make the best of the MTC. Next week our floor/friend elders leave to the Phillipines next week. I am so bummed about that. We have all become great friends, they got here the same day as us.  We all have story nights in our residence room. It's great. We all sit down, pull out the food, and the Elder Marlin (funniest elder ever) picks a topic, tells about how his crazy uncles fit to that topic, tells a moral of the story, and then turns the time over to anyone else. It is so funny just sharing our stories. We have had some pretty good ones hahaha.  Last night, Elder Pincock was handing off a lot of his extra food to us and we found these chocolate bead things in a straw that you drink milk to. So some of the Phillipino elders and I got super stoked and went and got milks from the vending machines. This was going to be the best chocolate milk ever! haha  Well we were all pretty excited and some of the elders ripped open the straws and dumped the choco beads into the milk. I grabbed the instuctions and saw that we were supposed to drink through the straws allowing the milk to go through the beads. Well I can saw whether you dumped in the beads or drank through the straw the this was NOT the best choco milk ever. hahaha We had a pretty good laugh just beacuse of how excited we were about something so lame. You truly start to enjoy the "little things in life."
Elder Lee told our teacher that "he needed a girlfriend" because Gu Hing Daih said he liked working here because he got to think of someone besides himself. haha elder lee is pretty good at stating the obvious.  He has a friend that went to BYU-H, "now he has a girlfriend." haha
At the temple walk yesterday, elder woodburn was going to do a nice spin on a pole with his umbrella to look like in movies but he slipped and ate it into the mud.  Now we are taking his suit to Tom and Janet. They are the dry cleaners. Tom is the kind of guy you'd like your daughter to marry, and Janet, she's the bees knees. 

Well out of time. 
Ngoh ngoi leih deih!!

Tohng Jeung Louh

Love Lauren!

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