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Ahh the MTC experience is on the downward slope now! About time! I'm so glad we got the shortened time! Well this week half our zone/ my awesome Filipino elders left today!! Super bummed, they made this place so much better!! We all had some pretty great times, jokes, stories, gymtimes. It's great since you spend so much time here with the same people you can really become great friends! I'm enjoying my time here and learning the language has gotten better. Even though I am learning a different language then the one spoken in Hong Kong, it's all good. haha
Well this week not much happened. It goes all by pretty fast that I forget what was which week, which meal I'm at, and what day it is. 
We had a devotional speaker that was entertaining and great. Some things that I really enjoyed of what he said was... "Open your mouth and don't close it until we have everyone" I loved that. Sometimes I get nervous while we are teaching that I'm going to mess up on what I am saying so I hold back. But I've noticed now that that doesn't help. When I just try to go for it and have confidence, the speaking gets easier.  I love learning the language now. Seeing all of the connections it has and the history in them, especially the characters. Our teacher explained a few of them the other day. So great. Since I started loving the language, it makes it easier and a lot more enjoyable.  Our speaker also asked us, "where are you going to go?" (involving the kingdoms) anyways, he challenged us all to go back that night and write in Big Bold letters of our decision. I want to go to Celestial Kingdom. so how about you? He said if we didn't want to go there, we are doing too much. 
One of my most favorite I'm a mormon ads is Adonal Noble.  He is such a great guy.  He said "if I don't do it, I think I'll feel bad that I didn't do something when I could have." I have been really trying to apply that to me now.  If I don't give my all this time, I know one day I will regret it. I don't want to live with regrets. Especially if this is my time with the Lord, I rather have Him help me 100% than anything else.  We always need to take advantage of situations where we can grow in the eyes of the Lord. I am so grateful already for my mission and the little experiences I have had, it just makes me so much more excited for Hong Kong.
Well I cant really remember any funny moments really. I had a basketball camp for elder Falk. That was fun haha Last night we have this elder leaving to Philippines that is tiny and he isn't taking his sweater so we had another big samoan elder put on the sweater. It was hilarious. Couldn't get it off. haha 
Spooning has become huge in our zone. All the elders think it is hilarious to get me. I always get back to class or residence with a new spoon. I've gotten pretty good myself as well. haha Also our room key works on another room as well so we loaded up there suitcases with spoons. Love the Canto Boys! haha

Well I love you all! 
Elder Towsend

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