Happy!!! June 2, 2013

I chose my theme model thing of this week as Happy. Mainly because I just want to focus on being happy. When i am happy, the people stop. It could be because I am working better or just because they think i am crazy that i am happy sweating a lot in the hot sun. But i noticed as long as I remember to be happy even when it gets hard, things seem to work out. 

I also thought it would be cool if I met someone named Happy. Well guess what ? in the elevator, i met a pizza man named Happy!!!!!! Haha I know pretty wild. His name tag was even proof.

 Also - we had a My Conversion Story Fireside for all the missionaries that are going home. what they do is invite one of their converts and we go to the mission home in Kowloon Tong and they share their testimony. While we were there I met a guy named Happy as well. but then after hearing it again i found out it was Harry.. 

Elder Goodrich asked our convert, Roy to share his testimony. He is so great he shared on how the Lord knows us better than we do. On how we need to have faith that he will still help us. Roy also had a funny quote in class. The teacher said Roy, did you have to change things after baptism. He basically said "Yes, but I still sleep late. Sorry sister." hahaha He is so great. I love him.

 Basically we have done lots and lots of finding. and the lots of finding has allowed me to perfect saying hello, how are you, we are missionaries. what are you up to? Yep, i almost sound like i can speak the Chinese with those sayings now.. haha 

One of the biggest bummers is being "anti-ed" on the the street while talking to someone. When that happens I really feel like the war is on.  So makes me want to work hard. 

Well thats pretty much the week. We have just to do lots of finding and more finding. Lots and lots of work. We are teaching  a lady and her son engrish so hopefully we can help them like the gospel as well!

That’s my life. Love everyone so much. Love this gospel so much. Love rice too.
Elder Townsend

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