Rain, Shine and Humidity June.16.2013

Well Hello.
So this week has been a good week once again. We had the Dragon Boat race! Yep, missed it. The other elders, natives, left the apartment and went finding at it, but they didnt tell us, so we ended up doing our studies. haha It was pretty crazy how many people were there though, I don't understand where all these people are in the day. They just seem to dissappear.

Well as we went finding this week I saw some motivational and facts shirts. Oh by the way animal T's are so cool here. Yep, I was Asian cool without knowing it. anyway my favorite two were "Very good believe in yourself. Yourself happy everyday. That's ok!" and also "Minnie is also known as Mickie's girlfriend." So basically, I now know it is ok to believe in myself and also that Mickie's girlfirend is Minnie!

This past week we spent the entire week finding and getting wet with rain! It has been raining a ton! We are just doing so much finding that I have waked through my shoes. Pretty neat I guess. haha We went to the Hong Kong history museum and it was really neat. It was cool to read about all the things of how Hong Kong grew and what not. Also with Buddhism. It is really interesting and how it's changed. We are going to visit a place called 10,000 Buddhas today! I am excited. 

Well the food.. Hmmm.. I guess if you want you can eat toad. There are a lot of cages at the markets and they are filled with toads. The gutting of the toads is intense. I watched it and was amazed haha. Those butchers are good with their knives skills. They even use throwing stars. yep. maybe that was a lie, not sure yet. 
Another thing is that they have hot dog on a stick here! haha What they do at the street vendors is put a hot dog on a stick and then put it in the ice. When you want it, you have a nice hot dog. haha almost like a popsicle. 

Alright this week was a goody and hardy. Our investigator just moved. His family moved to another area in Hong Kong so that was a bummer. He is so great, totally enjoyed the Book of Mormon and everything. 

As I was studying the talks from conference I really liked a few things. One of them is from the Prophet, President Monson. It was his Formula for Success. he shared that we 1. Search the scriptures with diligence. 2. Plan your life with purpose. 3 teach the truth with testimony. 4 Serve the Lord with love. I really enjoyed this because I am striving for success right now. What I really enjoyed was step 4. Serve the Lord with love. 
As I was studying about love, I was reading 1st John chapter 4. As I was read verse 4 I i thought it was intersesting how what is in us is greater than what is of the world. Now as I read on I read that God is love. so as I thought about it, if God is Love and what I try to have inside me is love, then therefore what is inside me is God and Christ and they are truly greater than the world because Christ overcame the world. 
As I read this I thought of Romans 8:18 about how the sufferings of this time are not worthy for the glory to be revealaed in us. I really liked that because if we live through our days on earth serving with love, and being filled with love. The day that glory is revealed in us, we will come to find it is Christ and God. And that is why they are familiar to us, because we will have lived with them out entire lives inside our heart. 

That is how we can become like them. Now as I have been trying to consistently serve with love, it has been hard at times. But it can also be easy because of the help I am getting. It has been very rewarding. This love has been helping me smile and always be happy. I love being able to have that constant help from Christ. Everyday I try to start my day with love, my day becomes great. It doesn't matter if the day didn't go to well because I know that maybe tomorrow there is someone who needs that love and needs to feel Christ's love. Whose love is always constant. Well I know that this Church is true.
I am also out of time. I hope that made sense. I dont reread my stuff today. haha
Elder Townsend
The painting is obviously my favorite because it is of me. see the comparison?

Still wishing for his whiskers to grow...

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