Typhoon season is here!!! June 23,2013

It's raining lots right now. My pants are soaked! Gotta love the rain! We have had some windy days and also hot days as well. I am really hoping we get a crazy big typhoon like they did last year. That would be pretty gnarly and awesome.

We headed to 10,000 Buddhas and man there were a lot of them. Big gold statues and little gold ones too. Some had mustaches while the others were bald. Then there were the women ones that didnt look like the men ones. It was a cool place and then afterwards we went and took a stop at IKEA. that was cool too. haha 

One thing you will see a lot here is couples wearing matching T's or clothes. it's the best. haha that is some true companionship.
Also we encountered a crazy old pohpo (grandma lady) who loved dancing to her music and talking to us. She would like grab our arms and be like come look at this rice! (in front of a rice store). Then she would ask us if we had girlfriends and that we need to get married quick. She told my comp he should wait another year. And to call her up and get married now. It was pretty hard understanding her though.. 

Well one of the things I love here is Green bean soup and red bean soup. I laughed because Buster loves it too.  My first time trying it in his apartment I was a little like umm... but i love it now. Maybe because he always talked it up so when I ate it again I was like YEAH! so good! haha So we will be eating lots of that together one day. haha

Well this week was much like the others. Spent every second on the street praying for the Lord's guidance on where to go and who to talk to. We weren't really successful at all this week so that was a bummer. Hopefully this week will be better. Just gotta keep having faith!
 I decided to reread the Book of Mormon yesterday so I just finished it this morning. as I was pondering it, I thought of a few things. One of how it really is filled with truth. What else can we sit down to after a long day, say a prayer, and then be filled with answers. I love how in the end of 2 Nephi that Nephi talks about how this book is for us and how it will help us and then the Doctrine of Christ. I always get so sad at the end when Nephi gives his farewells. haha I always am like, can you write a little more? he is so awesome. No wonder the people kept naming the kings after him as Nephi.
 I love how when Nephi is like if the Lamb of God got baptized to fulfill all righteousness then why dont we?! He is the perfect one here and we need to be like Him.

We had a multi zone meeting and I met an Elder Martinez who his Bishop is my uncle Brad! I thought that was pretty awesome! Also he is so cool and we became friends. and at the zone conference.

 President Hawks taught us about how life is a process and even more that the mission is a process. That yes there may be miracles and Events, but it is the process that shapes us. Like Alma had "conversion story" when the angel came to him and the sons of Mosiah, but if you read Alma 5 he will tell you that through much fasting and prayer he came to the knowledge of the Lord. 
I guess sometimes I am so wanting the big event, i forget about the process. It is so important to remember that in our lives, that things will happn over a process.
Well I am real tuckered out and not feeling to hot today so sorry that the email wasn't the best. also I dont really know what else to say.. haha I hope all is well in life. Next week will be better.
Elder Townsend
1. Elder Falk and I
2. Old lady

Love and miss this kid!

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