I met Bruce Lee July, 21, 2013

how are you?
I am fine thank you.
wow, you're english is so good!
my english very bad laa.
That is a conversation I have a good amount of the time.

Well this week was a goody. Why? I went to the Bruce Lee statue! It was so awesome. There were so many mainlanders there so it was an experience. Why? Well because they love white people and they would pull out their phone/camera and just take a picture of us. or ask to get one with us. then when Elder Falk and I went to get a picture with Bruce Lee a crowd of mainlanders flocked up to us and we became stars.
 Seriously we just stood there doing different poses the whole time and getting pictures. It was hilarious and I felt famous. Also it was our way of doing proselyting on a P-Day. Look at that, the pictures are going to China!! haha 

We had a new Elder move in. His name is Elder Christensen and he is hilarious. He has one move left after this one. He moved in from the office because the other elder here got a visa and took off for Australia. Elder Christensen is so funny and great. And he is a red head. He reminds me a lot of my friend Bret Smith. So darn similar it cracks me up! So fun
Anyways I would like to first point out some fashion tips or things here. 1. the Monsters Inc. Monsters University is HUGE here. Everyone wheres shirts of it or backpacks and bags of it. so super trendy. Next is moles. Yep moles. If you have one, its cool to grow the hair out on it. Basically all the guys I see here have the longest hairs on them. There face is shaved but not the mole. So i don't know if it is a pride thing or a culture thing, but it is cool regardless. Alright this next is my own fashion thing, but I wore and am wearing the same tie for a month. This Wednesday makes a month. it would have been a month last week, but I being a newb didn't wear my tie on one day the 1st week of my tie. I was going to try more, but I cant do it anymore. so i am at least doing a month. 

Food. Durian. It is absolutely terrible. It is onion and bananas combined to make a stinky fruit. terrible. Some members had me try it at a cheng out and it was gnarly. Sister Kwok told me her mother calls it cat crap. so its all good. i ate cat poop.. This family, Kwok family, is so awesome. So nice. Actually one of their daughters is leaving today to go to the MTC. She is going to the San Fransisco Oakland mission and also Oakland temple. This is cool because another elder in our ward is going to that mission too!

Alright on Tuesday and Saturday, we saw some animals.Walking in the city was a rooster. Pretty cool. Then Saturday we came upon 1. Guinea Pig walking in some plants. 2. a colorful parakeet bird. Real fancy. 3. a baby pigeon sitting on a post with an old pohpo (grandma, old women are called grandmas) trying to make it fly. she was doing coos and flapping her arms. 4. some crazy cats that liked us. 5. Tons of toads that would laugh. We would rub the bellies and they would laugh. hilarious. Great day.

Alright, well the Lord is awesome. So this week was a toughy and we weren't having any success. I was really wanting to at least just talk with someone. So finally on Saturday, I saw this guy sitting on a bench eating some ice cream. He was a gentleman and was eating a cone from the new place. So i figured I would ask him about the ice cream. As I approached him, he was like sit down! and then we had a great conversation in English mainly. He had lived in the UK. Well this was just awesome because I have been dying with the language and absolutely terrible. And then I was just having a hard time. So as I prayed this week every day just to talk to someone, Heavenly Father didn't let me down. It was awesome. This guy and I had a fantastic conversation and it made me so happy and feel so great.  He wasn't interested in gospel too much, but he was just super nice and great. It was nice being able to sit down and just talk to someone. 

Well also something super dope was that Roy, my investigator who got baptized two months ago, just got the priesthood!! It was so awesome and great!!! So excited for him. such an amazing experience to see someone who accepted the gospel in his life and being so happy. I love it. so great. Christ is so great and same with his gospel. Well I cant sit still anymore and cant think.
Elder Sugar or Tohng. But its still the same thing.
1. re-enacting the picture at the mtc
2. elder falk and I posing for the mainlanders.

Met Bruce Lee

 Our Mainlander posse- just a few of them

Elder Falk and I -we just like taking pictures

Eating dau fu fah. It is tofu flower pedals. So good-muh fave

fun pic by my home

Elder Christensen

Kwoks home- awesome family!

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