Titles are the hardest to make up! July 28, 2013

Well hello.
Alright. my week, i met some cool people!! yep an awesome man that plays the flute! Pretty neat.  I met an old crazy man that gave me his business card. It has a charcoal drawing of himself. In English it has "I can charcoal drawing of myself and like to play accordion." Super legit. Has his number and name too. haha This guy played some Italian sounding music and also played some other fun stuff. 
Then one day we were walking looking for people and I saw this older guy sitting on the side of the wall thing by the river eating some of this "yellow skin" fruit. I had seen it around so I decided to ask him what it was called. He told me and then had us eat fruit with him because he had a lot. haha Super cool guy, just happy to sit and eat fruit with us. It made me smile because I knew that the Lord placed him there to give me another boost of confidence.

Well this week went by fast and it was good!
We had Zone exchanges! It was great! I went with Elder Groesbeck. He is such an awesome missionary. He taught me a lot. We also enjoyed drinking our Kool Aid together. Yes, I love kool aid. Yes, I will love it forever. That is why I am Elder Sugar. 
Alright this is going to be a short one. Sorry, but i just don't know what to write about today. 

Alright It was awesome. The Lord totally is the best.  I was struggling at being pretty scared approaching people and speaking the language. So I decided to make a goal to not care about the how bad the language was and do work. I asked the Lord if I did this if He would just help me during the  time I first contacted them and how long they would be willing to talk. It was great because He totally helped!!  It was great, we were able to stop so many more people this week and teach! I loved it. I knew half the time the people wouldn't understand me because of their faces looked lost.. so then I would be like umm.. smile for a second and then re try saying the topic. It seemed to work! haha they basically answered and prayed and everything. So i know that the Lord helped them understand me.

At church there was a lesson about faith and prayer. The teacher shared about youth conference they just had and the differences between two of the youths prayers. One had asked that the weather would be good enough to allow them to do their activities and if not how to figure out how to still be able to do the activities. While the other youth had prayed the rain would stop and the sun would shine. He shared about how we cannot demand God to change everything for us, but we can have faith in Him to help us out. The first youth prayed that if He couldn't change the weather then at least allow them to know what to do.I really liked this. It got me thinking about what I can do to better serve the Lord. 

Alright, shoot I don't know what I wrote. 
all I can say is that the Lord rules. He totally helped me out so much with contacting people and speaking to them. I love Him so much.

So I was asked about my language skills... hahahaha yeah still terrible. but its like whatever. The weather has been super rainy lately. We had an intense thunder and Lightning storm last night. Loved it!!! Thunder so loud it made your kool-aid shake. But it is hot and sunny now. like real hot.

Im done. I will start to write out my emails before so they aren't so bad... sorry. 
elder townsend

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