Ni Hao June 30,2013

Yep you better believe it.  I am now a Mandarin elder! They gave me the switch! Looks like I will be able to chat with Buster after all!! Pretty crazy right?? Alright, that happened last night in my dream and I was like whah!? but then I woke up to still being the same.

Alright I may have like 4 minutes here or 30, we will find out. The library messed up the times and also the computers. So i wont be able to be sending any pictures today, sorry.

So the food I discovered this week was eating either a duck or goose mouth. Yeah, not the best. It literally was just the mouth or bill whatever it is called. You eat the tongue and the mouth. Very neat. Our investigator took us to dinner and she loves that and also fried oysters, so that was our dinner. But its all good, i had green bean soup after! :) Also another thing she got us was Red Bean Popsicles. They are surprisingly really good. Just like a frozen version of the soup. haha nothing like a blue popsicle though. 
Oh, we went to the American store! They had Kool-Aid!!! So awesome, except my heart was a little broken because they didn't have blue. ouch.. But I made kool aid and the Asian elders loved it! then I froze the rest and shaved it with a spoon until it became a snow cone. Dedication.

So I love the shirts here and how people half the time can't read them. Yesterday at church we had an older lady in the ward wear a bedazzled shirt that said "Zombie Nation Eats Your Head." Great shirt. hahaha also another good one i saw on the street was "Don't be such a mermaid." I then congratulated another lady today whose shirt said "I Found My Dream Job." She was a little confused, so i explained why. She loved the American telling her what her shirt meant, walked away smiling all big.

These past few weeks have been complete solid days of finding without really any success. I honestly wanted to just go sit in the church some days and enjoy the free AC and just practice the language. But that wasn't the case, we kept working.
 A couple of weeks ago we met a couple and shared our message of the Restoration with them. After they agreed to read the Book of Mormon and pray, they left us smiling. We were able to meet with them this week and have them come to English class! I was so excited and am just praying that they'll continue to learn. 

I am so grateful for the fact that I get to walk around everyday sweating buckets just so I can help someone. One thing I am learning is the importance of truly just loving everyone. I think that is what worked for this couple because God probably had prepared them and this time when I walked up to them, I was just praying so hard to feel His love for them. And right as I began to to say hello, I was overcome with love and happiness. I couldn't stop smiling! It was so great and i just was so happy to talk to them.

 I guess what I am going at here, is that God is so willing to allow us to feel His love for our heavenly brothers and sisters. I am so grateful that I was able to feel that love for them and continually pray to feel that love for everyone else. It is hard though, especially when they tell me No Time! But when that person finally stops, its all worth it. I just want to be like Nephi when he talks about the charity he has for everyone in the end of 2 Nephi. so awesome
Ok, I am totally out of time!!!!!!!

Elder Tohng

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