Stay classy San Diego!! July 15, 2013

Well I didn't email last week because it was Temple Week baby!! So good to be able to go there and just be able to feel the peace and spirit there. love the temple. 

Well not much has happened the past few weeks except 4th of July happened. yeah, it is sad not being in America for it. My companion and I dedicated companionship study to it, so we sang the national anthem, I made a flag and we talked about America. haha So good.

 There is a lady who comes to English class and not really investigating the church anymore take us to a dim sam because we told her it was America's bday. We ate like kings. haha 
Well I guess something that is neat is that I am like a barber. I just cut everyone's hair here. I can do Asian cuts and gwaailouh (its like we are called white devil here... like Ace Ventura) So basically I am getting a lot of practice. We had this former investigator we saw on the street tell us he would come to my shop if i set one up here. he liked my comps cut.

We also had a neat rainstorm where we got caught up finding refuge in a little tin shed while we were finding away from the city. Then the best part after being there for almost an hour (the rain was nuts and we didn't have umbrellas... newbs.) we had these to older Chinese men come up to us. We couldn't escape because there was none. So they proceeded on talking to us (constantly doing the Catholic cross yourself thing) and then they went on talking about war and army. They thanked us personally with handshakes for World War 2. They thanked us for the bomb in Japan...Yeah I wasn't too sure on how to act. but after that we departed ways, never to meet again. haha 

Speaking of men, we have this guy that stands outside of this bar/snooker/no idea place by the church. Well this man is so cool looking. He is a Tri-Ad guy. so legit. always smoking and talking/yelling/cursing at people on the phone. and then pushing his long hair back with his really nice clothes. I always try saying hi, but he ignores. he just looks like a really powerful man too. haha 

Alright well that is pretty much it for that stuff. 
This week we were able to have a pretty awesome experience with a former investigator. So she is the old lady that we ended up not meeting with anymore because of the lack of desire to learn/keep commitments. Well she had always been really bitter because of things that occurred in life. 
One of them that made her sad was that her children would never communicate or visit anymore. they didn't like her. Well we decided to go visit her and just see how she was doing and if we could help her out. As we got to her house she was so excited to see us and introduce me to her son! He had come home. he came from mainland back here to hk to find a job and help with her and the father. 
This was a miracle. I had been praying the past few months for her and if the Lord would allow one of her children's heart to be softened. and He answered my prayers!! When i shared this with her, she was very grateful. But it just hurt my heart that she wasn't willing to open her heart to her Father in Heaven to be blessed. This was a very good learning experience as I learned that Heavenly Father is willing to answer my prayers. I also am learning more on the patience and trust in God. I felt that this wait felt long at the time, but now the wait was worth it because I know so strongly of God's willingness to help us. 

Another scripture that has really strengthened me these past few weeks is in Mosiah 14. Where Abinidi shares about Isaiah 53 about the Savior. in chapter 14 the verses 3-5 really gave me strength. Just being able to remember and know that Christ really did carry my sorrows and that He was rejected of men. It gives me so much comfort to know that even though I was feeling down about everything, that He has felt the same and also has felt those pains so I can ask Him for the comfort because He is the only way I can truly find that comfort.

I also loved in Alma 30:9 when it says it is a privilege for us to serve God. That is making me really re-think of my work out here. Am I really each day thankful through my actions that I have the privilege to serve my Father in Heaven? This has really helped me change my attitude and try to become more like my Savior in this work.

Well all is going alright out here in Tai Po! Thank you for the letters/emails I have been able to get. they really are the best! make me so dang happy. Especially the letters I get from Tanner's mom about his life in Brazil! So hilarious to hear him write about some of the stuff out there. Sounds wild. 
Oh and sorry I am so slow to write back, I always just forget to send the letters. Mainly because I am going to the Bruce Lee statue today baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So stoked!!!! :)
Elder Sugar.
Thats what people call me because my name is same sound as sugar. the character is a wee different, but some of the members/people here like to say sugar. haha

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