Fresh... Sept. 2, 2013


Alright so this week was a little sad. My three-some companionship was broken up. Yeah, I got a companion. I am still in Tai Po, but no longer with Elder Christensen and Elder Crump. But it's all good, cause I got a companion now. So I am doing that whole 2 by 2 thing again. My new companion is Elder Kwan. Yep, you guess it right! He is a Hong Kong native. Or as we call here sounds like "boonday" So you could say he has pretty good Cantonese! haha The only bummer was the little Cantonese I did know completely left me once we became comps. I guess its good he can speak english too. It's hilarious though because he will tell stories and since Elder Crump is so new his ears don't understand Chinese toned English. So we will explain the story to him afterwards. haha pretty funny. Elder Kwan is a hardworker which is good, he will work me hard. He is a convert and will be hitting his 2 year mark in a few years. He is 22 and here to do work! This will be good, just pray that i will be able to learn a little bit of this language! Seriously, I am struggling with this language hard-core. You would almost thing I just got here still. The only difference is I know how to not look super confused and can make up stuff unlike the new guys! haha 
Well that is pretty much my week. Oh last week I got a suit. So hopefully i will look leng jai! haha It's like a nice sea turtle green suit. Trust me on this one. 

Well this week we had a cool thing happen. A very less-active member came back. It was interesting, they had no record of where he was or anything and then the sisters met him somehow and then brought him to church. Since he lives in our area we had a turn-over lesson. As we were talking to him he told us that he had been baptized into the mormon church 30 something years ago! He just couldn't remember where. He had a stroke not to long ago and his memory is bad and lost the movement and nerves on his left side of body. Pretty gnarly. We were able to give him a priesthood blessing and I thought that was pretty darn cool. Well now he is back and is putting himself back into the Lord's hands once again.
Well now that really is pretty much my week. Just adding oil and the chinese always say and eating rice and noodles. Oh Elder Christensen and I bought tuna and made sandwhiches. So good. especially with the pickles! haha
Oh sad news, my gangster/mob/Tri-Ad guy cut his long gangster/mob/tri-ad hair. He looks super tough and classy still, just i didn't recognize him at first.

 I totally know that God is our Heavenly Father. To think that this world has no God is impossible. But to think that God loves us is amazing. I just don't understand why people wouldn't want Him on their side. 
Its a good time to be a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Elder Tohng
I haven't taken any pictures so here is one a missionary sent me of Elder Falk and I being sporty. haha we found jerseys in the missionary closet.

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