Little Miracles

Well today we were able to go to the temple and able to enjoy the spirit felt there so that is why I am writing on a Thursday. Since we are on 9 week transfers, I used a 6 week planner and now a 3 week. Bad choice because I forgot my 6 week with what I was going to write home about.

This week and a half has been a new experience. I was challenged by Buster to notice and write down the tender mercies each day, I have been able to open my eyes to how much the Lord loves me and everyone. 
It started with the day last week when Elder Kwan and I were searching for an apartment for a less active member, having the hopes to bring them back to church. When we found the apartment, the doors leading up to it were locked. It is one on the street next to the shops. Well we decided to wait 15 minutes to see if someone would come by to go up. 
As we stood there, we started to talk to the shop owner and his little sister. They were closing up shop and were willing to talk. As we talked with them, they were really nice and his little sister knew some members! Really cool. The best part is they were just super friendly. Well after 15 minutes, we left. As we were walking away, the shop owner yelled at us. We turned around and two people had come up to the door to unlock to go inside. We were able to get upstairs and leave a note for the person we wanted to visit. This was just proof to me of the Lord's existence in this work. There is no way that we happened to be there long enough to have a person show up after we left. Then I also realized, the importance of talking to everyone. Imagine if we would have kept to ourselves and then left. We would not have been able to get inside. It was so awesome. 

Earlier that day, while we were out finding, we ran into a lady. This lady seemed to have interest. While talking we came to find out that she had actually been to Utah and seen the Salt Lake Temple and just loved it and the peace around it. Then that was it. Then we happened to run into her and see her! What is the chances of a person going to Utah, seeing our temple, then walking one day in Hong Kong within millions of people and then seeing us.. I think the Lord wants her to come unto Him.
It was really cool the other day while we were walking home for dinner, we said hello to a man and he invited us to sit down with him. He is a sailor! He has been across the world and been able to see many things and speaks English! He was taught in school as a kid about Christianity. He really enjoys the bible. After talking for a little, we shared with him about the Book of Mormon. When he saw it, he said, "Another Testament of Jesus Christ. Wow. There has been more out there and I never knew it. I would love to read this book. I can tell by your words that you know this book to be of God. You sound honest and you only mean for good things. I will take your word my friend. I would be very happy to except this gift from you." This had made me feel so great. This is a man who truly desires to know God. He loves that we can read his words and feel enlightened. 
It reminded me of last week when we had zone conference and Elder Wilson, a General Authority, had said " I have read the great words of Shakespeare, I have ready many great books, but this, the Book of Mormon is the only book that has changed my life every day that I read it." I know that to be true. I know when we do read the Book of Mormon with purpose, it changes our life. This man that we had talked to was wanting more about Christ, wanting to become closer and I was very happy to share with him that the promise that  Prophet Joseph Smith said that this book will bring man closer to God is true. I am so thankful that we can have the Book of Mormon and the Bible. 

Anyways, I was grateful for the direction and the help that the Lord has given me this past week. Elder Kwan and I have been enjoying our time. He is really pushing me with the language (even though he LOVES speaking english).
 I found it really amazing that when we had talked to a guy on the street, we shared with him about our Heavenly Father and the power of the Book of Mormon and how Christ understands us. This guy we talked to has wanted to end life many times, in fact has tried a few times. But for some reason it hasn't worked. We had the blessing of stopping and talking to him. As we stopped to talk, he kept saying life is unfair, life is not worth it. That hope isn't even good enough. Elder Kwan and him talked for a while and I had practiced my listening. But finally I felt that I just needed to share my testimony. For one of the first times I felt that I actually had power in my words. I had fully trusted in the Lord to help me speak then. As I shared my testimony, I let him know hope is enough. Hope is what starts things. hope is the beginning of a fuse. as we press on the fuse burns more. then eventually we can find what we hope for. Some fuses are of many sizes, we don't know but we can hope to find the end. I promised him that he could find strength in his hope by reading the Book of Mormon because that is where I helped find mine. Finally he excepted the Book of Mormon. This just made me so excited because as he took it, he said "I will have hope."

Now I don't know what I have really typed because I am in a rush so it might be a jumbled mess. But I just am so thankful for the Lord. Helping me at all times. I am glad for Him helping me when I am blind and do not notice what He does for me. I know that this gospel is the true Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am glad I get to face challenges as I try to share our message. Why? because the more challenges I face the more I know it is true. 
So I guess the title of little miracles of this weeks letter is because of the little miracles I have been able to witness this past week. They are from meeting a new person on the street to even running into a friend. They are also from feeling we should be at one place rather than another place. Another miracle was the Lord allowing me to speak Cantonese a little better in a lesson and allowing the person to understand me. 
Well I am out of time. Sorry if the letter is lame. I will remember my planner next week. 
Elder Townsend
We had a typhoon and we decided to clean up the church. We bought a saw.. Well elder christensen did.
Elder T & Elder Kwan

Clean up after the Typhoon

He is so lucky- even Hong Kong has the ugly animal shirts!

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