Rain or Shine Sept.8, 2013

This week has had a lot of rain but it ended with sunshine thankfully. When the weather here is gloomy and gray it can be hard at times, but when the sunshine comes out, that is when I feel so much happier.
Well this week nothing really exciting happened. We are out finding everyday, searching for someone that is ready to allow Christ to heal their lives. Elder Kwan is a really hard-worker and has been pushing me to talk to everyone. What I really like about finding is that when we are able to stop and talk with people is to think and know what Christ can do for them. He can give them happiness. He can give them helping hand. He can make their smile bigger. He can bring them closer to our Heavenly Father. Because He is their Savior. 
Yesterday we were able to eat dinner at the Bishop's house and talk with some members of our ward. It was a great experience. Being able to hear a conversion story of a member who I really look up to and how he brought his brother to church a little while later made me so happy. I thought that was so cool. Big brothers rule. As we shared a message before we left we shared on what is happiness? Afterwards we watched a mormon message that is Moments that matter most. It is all in slow motion. As we watched it again, I was thinking, what really is happiness to me. I thought of many things and people. Then as I thought more, they all came from our Heavenly Father. When everyone shared what happiness is to them, once again they were all gifts of our Father in Heaven. I just love that we have someone so much greater than us that is always willing to give us things to bring us happiness.
So this week we were able to meet with an investigator. As we taught, we brought up a question, what really is truth? Why does it matter? These are some questions that I have been playing over and over in my head for the last week or so. What really is truth? As I read, I found many answers and many things, but none of them were like oh yeah, that is truth! But as I read Christ's words, I found the answer. Christ is truth. He tells us "I am the light, and the life, and the truth of the world" Now when I look at everything that the scriptures says is truth, I can put it to Christ. Because Christ can make it possible. Any trial can be possible to overcome. It just takes that faith and the humility. Just like Elder Holland said about too many times people focus on what they don't believe or what they are missing or their struggles rather than the little they do believe and do have faith in. So as we taught the lesson, I was praying so hard that we would be able to help him and that he would have the true desire to trust in God to find the truth. I know that this would help his life so much. That God would give him so much strength, take away the worries. But against my will, it didn't work out that way.
I find it interesting on how God works. On how He must work on us in order to have His help. That we must go through times that we feel gravity is a little too strong. Gravity is what pulls us down, it is what keeps our head down and gets in our way. At times I have felt the gravity is pretty strong here in Hong Kong. That how in the world, can I take this on. But then I remember that Christ is the truth. And by that simple knowledge I can know that no matter how strong I feel gravity is, Christ has overcome it. I am thankful to be here in Hong Kong. I am thankful to wear Jesus Christ's name in Chinese over my heart. Sometimes I don't feel grateful that I have to speak the language too, but that is when I rely on Christ to help me over those things. And He will help. It just can be hard to see. I have found a lot of that help in people here as in the other missionaries and ward members of Tai Po. I am so thankful that others are willing to shine Christ's light from themselves. 
Well I am sorry that my letter is short today, but that is all I have time to write. I sat here a little too long reflecting more on my week and realized that time went by really fast.
I believe in Christ and I believe He loves each and everyone one of us. Through His love, miracles happen. Big and small.
Elder Townsend

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